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Winning design #258 by s2289, Logo Design for Living Proof Sprinkler Co. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by s2289

Project description

Hello all. I need a logo designed for my small business. We do lawn sprinkler installation and repair. I would like to incorporate a SINGLE tree into the logo. Living Proof Sprinkler Company is the name of the company, and I would like "Company" abbreviated in the logo. I would like "sprinkler co." to be under "Living Proof" if possible. I would like the company name to be green, or at least the word "Living". If you could incorporate a tree into one of the "I's" into the word "Living" that would be great. I am really open to your ideas and I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Thank you!! 

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  • About #244, @s2289 can you please center the font vertically inside of the box? The result will be the winner
    • @lpsprinkler
      I'm not sure I understand you about "vertically" thing.. maybe you mean horizontally, something like #258

  • Centralize.. like that? #255 #257 #258
    • @lpsprinkler
      +which crown of a tree you like more #255 #257 or #258

  • Can you please fill in the white spaces in the word "living", and can I see a couple different fonts for the word living? Thank you!!!!! #223
    • @lpsprinkler #227 #228 #231 #232 #233

      Do you want the leaf back on "i" from "Sprinkler" #234
      or maybe in "Living" with this font #235 ?

  • I think making the font in the word "living" solid will be the final adjustment needed on this design. Thank you so much for your hard work. I am considering ending the contest today or tomorrow. Can you give me a few more minor variations of the design that is winning pleaseeeeee? Thank you, thank you, thank you. #207
    • @lpsprinkler #223 #224

  • Bold "living" font.
    Thank you for rating and good feedback! #223
  • About #132, @s2289 can I see a few variations of the font in the word "proof"?
    • @lpsprinkler #207 #208 #209 #210

  • I like it a lot, but I don't like the tree #177
  • hope you like it

    best regards #179
  • Hi sir, Please Check this entry hope you like it... #172
  • hi CH kindly check my logo proposal i hope you like it
    thank you:) #164
  • @lpsprinkler, Thank you for rating #127 & #128. Feel free to ask for any changes.
  • I like this one a lot but I don't like the border #140
  • Hello, here is my proposal for your logo. I kept it clean and simple, my opinion is that it looks more powerful and distinct this way, and that's what logo is all about. Best Regards! #155
  • About #122, @s2289 Can you please replace the font for "living" with the font that the user that is in 2nd is using, and I don't really like the leaf in the "o"
    • @lpsprinkler HI there, I'm sorry but we can't allow designers to copy each other, asking one designer to copy or use same font is considered copying

    • Hello, @sharie please check my last two designs.. if you think they are against any rules please let me know and I will withdraw them.. I use a different font, just add some lights in it.

  • i hope you like it #137
  • another one.. #134
  • i hope you like it.. #133
  • Can you put a box around this one, and try to increase the size of sprinkler company? #62
    • @lpsprinkler Sure, I will revise and upload soon.

  • apc
    please check #115
  • New clean design #108