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Winning design #234 by zaidulariff, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zaidulariff

Project description

a website sells creatively designed home furnishings to our daily life. We'd like to deliver a simple and easy lifestyle to our customers. The slogan is "living a simple life like a kid". I just wanna tell you more ideas we'd like to deliver. say, "living a simple life like a kid", it would be what? living a simple life like saying 1, 2, 3 ... you can imagine... :) keywords for the design would be "creative" & "simple". I hope the logo design look cool. And thanks for everyone. hope we do a great job.

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  • your entry is too much like entry 6 please be original
  • design is cool. but it is not like a shopping website
    • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback. Thanks again, rive

  • what does the icon on the left side mean? and the font seems too random while the other one from you is too serious. can you put a balance from them?
  • I've got some idea here, maybe you can try a design by putting 123 in a house icon since we sell home furnishings for our daily life.
  • the box for 123 is great and creative. just the font size for slogan is too little. And can you change the font for the word "living"? thank you.
  • hi,please see #87 and provide feedback if possible... thanks
  • for the #84, your design is cool. only that we're selling creative home furnishings, not furniture.please check the "Furnishing" from Wikipedia. Thank you.
  • Hi, please share your feedback on #80. I've made a complete theme with a pictoral mark, a logo with the slogan containing the pictoral mark, and a logo without the slogan..
  • Design #70 for your consideration. I used the letter "g" to create a smiley. Any feedback is welcome.
  • About #55 hai,verahu.i see you are from HK,so my idea is to bring the number of 123 in kanji letter as you can see that my idea is simple and minimal incorporating yi=1 er=2 san=3 in kanji letter.Thanks.
    • but as u can see i brought those kanji letter in a very subtle you mention before that you looking much like apple pictorial mark so i think this is the way to intepreting my idea.thank you.

    • yes, i'm from HK. but not our customers :) they are from all the English based countries around the world.

    • ok,but i think thats not a problem as my graphic image is universal looks.but if you dont like it i will try another shot.thank you.

  • design looks creative, but where is the slogan :) the boldface for the living123 seems a little serious
    • |--|

      verahu {*wrote*}:
      design looks creative, but where is the slogan :) the boldface for the living123 seems a little serious
      |--| Thanks for feedback. I reworked my designs and give you some other idea. please check

  • hey kwik,if you're trying to design a pictoral mark like apple does, don't include the characters living123 and the slogan.
  • Hi verahu can you give me some feedback for my design? thanks
    • thank you, Kwik,your #32,#23,#15 are great. But your last #53 is too playful. if you are going to try again, maybe you can try some pictoral mark like Apple, to include our mission (to deliver a creative, original, simple and easy lifestyle to our customers) in the logo. We'd like to look what kind is better for us.Thank you again :)

  • Hello,I've submitted #47 and #48. If you like it, let me know if there's something you would like me to change. :-) Thank you
    • thank you for your design. But I'm sorry to say they seem no big difference from some works from "kwik". try to be creative and thank you again :)

  • hi everyone, why no one try to design a pictoral mark like Apple does; we'd like something different and then we can know which is better and best.Thank you.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #39. I hope I am going in the right direction. Thanks, Paul
    • thank you Paul. yeah, you are going in the right direction for "simple and creative" just let it be more lifelike,lovely

  • Hi CH, I have just submitted design #103. My approach was to keep the design simple and clean. In some of the earlier comments I noticed that you mentioned the target market for this site is primarily English speaking countries - I hope you don't mind, but I updated the slogan to a simple phrase 'Keep it simple'. Although I understand the feeling behind the slogan provided it doesn't resonate in English as I think was your intention. I am happy to incorporate the original slogan, but thought I would provide my input just in case. Thank you.
    • Hello Little5150, Thanks for your design and your idea about the slogan. Its really very informative and helpful for us. We'll try a new slogan that will resonate in English. Thank you again :)

    • No problem verahu! Best of luck with the contest and finalizing your design selection.

  • Hello CH, I have submited design #99 . Any feedback is welcome. Thanks and regards
  • Dear CH, please review my design #95 and provide with feedback if possible. Thank you and I hope you like it.
  • HI, verahu! Check my origami house #134 logo) simple like you want! best wishes! Sun