Lloyds Asset Services - Valuation of Equipment

Our designer was fantastic - he understood our brief & made any changes we requested to better represent our design. Design contest is a brilliant service with 100% satisfaction as a result. We will recommend it to others as well as use it again.


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Winning design #128 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Lloyds Asset Services - Valuation of Equipment Contest
Gold Medal

designed by antoneofull

Project description

The logo is for a Valuation & Asset Services business. The company operates across multiple countries & the logo needs to promote trust, accuracy, timely service, competence, professionalism & stability. We value all kinds of equipment including aircraft, trucks, machinery, processing plants, factories, boats, earthmoving equipment, etc

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  • Hello CH, New official Logo #29 I'd Like To Know Your Openion Hooda
  • Hello CH, About #17 I made little changes in fonts at #25 and #26 Hooda
  • Like the concept & graphic but the font is not quite right. Could you tweak it (especially 'Lloyds').
  • Like this but would prefer a more modern/less antique style font. Quite like the WB
  • Like this but integrate graphic size with font size
  • Not really keen on the $ sign but like the design
  • Would prefer with a graphic
  • Not really keen on brown
  • Please submit this entry with the graphic from the other entry you submitted.
  • We would also like a graphic of just the tick with the shadow as well for our stationery please. We really like your work.
  • Please provide the largest design in the blue font. looking good. Also provide a copy without the "registered trade mark"
  • About #110 Hello CH, Here is my design. A very simple and professional logo. The detail on the gold triangle indicates professionalism, trust and competence and can be the mark of your logo making him a memorable logo. Hope you like it. Give me your feedback please, and if you want any changes just ask. Thank you. Best regards, ricardofmcosta
  • Update #89 for #29 Logo Description: Three Letters Connected L A S (Lloyds Asset Services) Triangle has special color (Orange) indicate specialty The Logo is Modern - Non Complex - Serious - Harmonic so it is highly official logo Can be used in printing and online with diff. Backgrounds Regards, Hooda
  • Copying a design http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/lloyds-asset-services-valuation-of-equipment/entry/29/ You need to be original!
  • Dear CH, PLease Feedback #71, #72. I just Submit " Lloyds " in capitals but leave asset services as is. thank's
  • Could you please present a version with the 'Lloyds' in capitals but leave asset services as is. Thank you.
  • Thankyou for your feedback. Please take a look at the revised lettering on #62 . You have some great choices and regardless of the outcome ive enjoyed experimenting with your logo. if you wish for me to make any further alterations let me know? if not good luck - i hope you have found what you're looking for. A
  • Dear CH, #55 represents my work.Please provide feedback on this. thanks and regards abhi
  • Your design is too close to another designers idea/concept http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/lloyds-asset-services-valuation-of-equipment/entry/42/report
  • Hi CH, I represent the work #30, I am more than attention have given to good reading and recognition logo, and also considering your wishes, the maximum convenience in any kind of polygraphy and web-design. Thanks!