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Winning design #41 by suruj_sohel, Logo Design for Lo Spazio Contest
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designed by suruj_sohel

Project description

Our company, O.S. Card Srl - Communication Agency based in Bologna, Italy, is opening a new Coworking space at the very heart of the city.

The name of such Coworking office space will be “Lo Spazio” (which literally means “the space” in Italian). Lo Spazio will have the following features:
- industrial style design
- indoor living green wall in the main Coworking area
- located in the city center and less than 5 minutes from the Central Train Station by walking 
- the first large and professional location dedicated exclusively to Coworking solutions in Bologna
- perfect for companies, startups and young professionals looking for a dynamic working environment providing huge networking opportunities. 

Among the available and bookable services there are 60 hot desk positions in the main Coworking area, a business lounge, meeting rooms and temporary offices, a training and conference room, private phone booths, catering services organisation, secretarial and domiciliation services.

In short, it will be a multipurpose, dynamic and flexible space suitable for a wide range of professionals and diverse needs. Not only will it be a space offering companies all that is necessary for their regular day-to-day office activities, but it also will be a perfect place for networking and for making innovative projects grow thanks to the possibility of continuously exchanging ideas.

Attached you will find an idea for the theme we are going for in the reception area.

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    please check my concept logo

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  • @ Hope you like it sir, Open for modification. Thank you. #267
  • cut out stencil "LS" logo for rustic industrial style #258
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  • The basis of the conception was a play on words "co-working" and "shared space", the created icon consists of well-known characters. As mentioned in the brief, it will be used in an industrial environment as well. So, I used shapes and font that can appear as a cut-out logo (from a wood board or metal sheet). #197
    • @_wms I like the idea of the cutout font, i'll prefer to have the word "LO" horizontal as "SPAZIO", can you also use something different instead of the icon?

    • @_oscard_ Thank you for your feedback. Of course, I uploaded some options without the icon. #222 #223 #224 #225 #226 (the personally preferred is the #225 ) I used only letter characters to visualize the space and function. The green color refers to the green wall, but the monochrome versions appear.