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This is my second time using design contest. And as last time I am very pleased with the result. This time I saw more designers copying others than previously, which is a shame. Like last time I do not like to be forced to make this testimonial in order to get my copyright transfer agreement.


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Winning design #807 by vyaish, Logo Design for Local and Less Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vyaish

Project description

Update end of contest: thank you to all the great designers out there for taking part in this contest.  It has been really difficult to chose between the many suggestions and to place a gold, silver and bronze was almost impossible because the top 10 was so close. Even if you did not win this time, I hope you will participate in the coming contest that I will launch.

Update day 4: A lot of very good and nice suggestions are coming in. Thank you all. Below I have tried to summarize the most common reasons why we are 

eliminating the suggestions – there are things we do not like -  hope this is a help for you :-)

  • If the design is too busy
  • If there is no graphical reference to the local or less (offer)
  • Use of specific images that we do not like:

o   The use of $ sign. We think the use of the $ sign is to specific as a currency. If you want to use banknotes in your suggestion, pls make it generic

o   The use of a miniature shop. Pls be aware that they can sometimes be mistaken for a carnival

o   The use of a shopping cart/basket. We think this is more for grocery shopping and not wellness, dining, experiences

o   A piglet – is more for savings than wellness, dining, experiences

o   The handshake is a little more indication of negotiations

  • We do not like when you put an image inside the little circle in the map icon; most times the images becomes too small or it looks misplaced. There are some good examples like #349, where it works because of how it fits into the entire logo

Update day 2: Thank you for all the new suggestions. There are so many, that I have to be a bit rude and just eliminate the ones that are not in the direction that we would like to go. I apologise sincerly, because I understand that you have all spend time making your suggestions. But this will give us time to focus on making comments regarding the things we like. Hopefully that will be an advantage for everyone. 

Update day 1: Thank you to everyone who has already made entries :-) We are commenting as fast as we can. If there is a suggestion we like we will rate it instantly and comment soon after, to highlight what elements in a suggestion that we like.

"Local and Less" is an app with local deals. A user of the app can :

  • look for and buy deals within an area
  • follow their favorite shop and get notified when they have a deal
  • follow their favorite type of deal and get notified when there is a deal

We would like the logo to reflect that this is more than just cheap deals. It is also about following and supporting shops in your local area. You support your local shops AND you get a good deal. It is win win :-). So focus of icon should be on both local support and on getting a good deal.

Deal types will be wellness, restaurants, experiences. Later products might be added. Physical shops.

We want the shops that uses our app for advertising to have our logo on their site as well. Therefore the logo must be neutral enough to fit onto most web pages - and yet strong enough to be recognized. 

Logo can be an image or text - feel free to be creative :-)

Hope this is enough information. Otherwise please ask. We very much look forward to look at your suggestion and will do our utmost to review continuously.

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