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Winning design #177 by azlubel, Logo Design for LocalBest.com Logo Contest
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designed by azlubel

Project description

The website LocalBest.com will be a place for locals to rate, review, and connect with local businesses. Businesses will want to be listed on the website to connect with potential customers and for the chance to be voted local best in their product or category and receive awards. The logo will be used on the website, print media, but most important will be used as a window cling on every award winning business. I'm looking for something bold, that will stand out, something claiming "We are the BEST!" I do not have a color but GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE does seem to fit the Award style. So besides just the logo we would love to see ideas for the logo used IN an award for businesses Voted Local Best. Example: Ribbon or Trophy - WINNER VOTEDLOCALBEST.COM! We also own the websites VotedLocalBest.com TrustedScores.com and UnderCoverReviews.com so be creative! Thanks; Local Best Media Inc

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  • I really like the use of Gold. I didn't want to commit to a color but gold fits. Is there some design to put VotedLocalBest.com around the thumb and ribbon? So the LocalBest.com logo and then the window cling award more on the Voted Local Best?
    • Dear CH, thank you for feedback. Did you have something like this #22 on mind? Kind Regards

    • Yes I like that but try only using GOLD, SILVER, and BLACK. Plus another idea is to use a thumb tack in the O.

  • I love the use of the star with VOTEDLOCALBEST.COM as a possible option for our window clings. You did a great job reading what I'm after! I never wanted to commit to one color but GOLD definitely fits our message.
    • Thanks! Yes, gold is almost necessary if one want to communicate "award". I've just submitted new version #41.

  • So far this is one of the best designs. I'm wondering what the thumb would look like in Gold? The only thing missing is the .com I really want to drive home the website with the logo.
  • I love the award in the Pin It! How can we make the Letters stand out more?
    • Hi CH, Thanks for rating my entry. I am submitting design #76 with the same color scheme but thicken the letters of "Local" to make it stand out more. I am working on other options and color combinations of black, gold and silver and will be submitting it in a while.

    • I really like the thick letters. Your award Voted Local Best is awesome and by far the best!

    • Thank you CH. Still trying to explore other options.

  • Wow I really like the bottom one. It's BOLD and stands out!
  • I don't like the washed out look of Best. LocalBest.com needs to all really stand out BOLD.
  • Maybe Black background with Gold and Silver letters. Best looks to washed out.
  • Use Silver and gold for the letters with a black background. Can you find a thumb tack or push pin to use in the O of Local?
  • So far I've rated this one best because it's bold, simple, and stands out. Can you show me options with GOLD, SILVER, and BLACK.
    • Thanks! I've refined the icon and made a few color options: #61, #62, #63, #64, #65.

  • Hi CH, Please check design #60, feedback will be highly appreciated. thank you.
  • Dear CH, please see design #59 . its a combination of GOLD, BLACK, & RED color. may i know your feedback / comment on how to improve the design based on what you want.please. hope you like the design.Thank you!
  • Needs to have the .com
  • Just another idea what about using a 'Pin it' or thumb tack in the O instead of the star? Plus I'm leaning towards GOLD, SILVER, AND BLACK. Great Job!
  • I like the 'pin it' button and check mark in best. How about GOLD or SILVER for colors?
  • I really like the Black background with the words LocalBest.com in Gold and Silver.
  • Not sure if I mentioned this or not but can you send me this in BLACK, GOLD, and SILVER. I've really want something in those three colors, thanks!
  • Needs to be in BLACK, GOLD, and SILVER. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Exploring some other options in the following designs #81 #82 #83.
    • |--|

      hebiGutz {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, Exploring some other options in the following designs #81 #82 #83.
      |--| Excellent!

  • I LOVE the award look, excellent! Also LocalBest.com is BOLD and excellent use of GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, and BLACK!
    • Thank you for the nice rating. Looking for other options still.

    • The AWARD is perfect but I would like the 'o' in LOCAL to have a pin look. Also for the word 'BEST' have a check mark to cross the 't'. Use a light SILVER background, GOLD and BLACK for the letters. I really want a winner fast!

  • Awesome design I love the check mark for the T. Also the BOLD letters make it stand out. Just for an option how about in the pin as STAR?