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Winning design #204 by designzone13913, Logo Design for LocalProNetwork  Contest
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designed by designzone13913

Project description

We are looking for someone to finalize the design of the logo for our organization LocalProNetwork. LPN is an organization designed to connect newer real estate investors with veteran real estate investing coaches. Coaches help newer investors launch their real estate investing business and achieve their specific goals. Each coach has group of investors they are working with, and each group networks with other groups, providing a rich information exchange and powerful group dynamic. I’d like the groups networking with other groups to be communicated in the logo. 

We are looking for a full logo package including all black and all white options as well as all file endings. We’d like to keep the clean font style and color of the text in THIS TEXT LOGO, but need a symbol to signify networking between multiple groups of people that we can use in conjunction with the logo attached and that would stand alone as an icon. We would like to see 3 different options. 

Our brand colors are: Blue: #035lal - Grey: #8b8b8b - Navy: #041e42 with a accent color of Red: #c32212 The font used in the original logo is 'DIN Alternative', can use another if it is similar in style. 

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  • Can you provide a flat image with B&W and color samples? Also, a version with a dot between LOCAL and PRO? #204
    • @MikeyF sure, i will provide your all requirements, thanks for feedback

    • @designzone13913 When will you have this?

    • @designzone13913 Also, it only has one of the blue's that we asked. We need the darker navy added in. Maybe have the LOCAL(dark)PRO(light) and LNP in dark.

    • @MikeyF the contest is Expired, i can't submit the logo, please select me as winner, then i will provide your all requirements, hope you can understand, thanks

    • @MikeyF hello sir, i can't submit the logo, because the contest is Expired. please check the link, thank you

    • @MikeyF https://gyazo.com/ce2fa8ee0d5f0d600bce369c6ff5804e

    • @MikeyF https://gyazo.com/ffd926fd980089fff737ad17e5de98cc

    • @MikeyF https://gyazo.com/2e40773c183f1b321357e81fcc75987d

    • @MikeyF https://gyazo.com/b006a6667de99a8c725efd4fd39deec8

    • @MikeyF https://gyazo.com/9c897cebefad75ddce430518b26510ac

  • This is a combination of the initials LPN to local #261
  • new revision #260
  • Four diamonds with negative space of human figure that interconnected. #256
  • Four squares with a core of interconnected. #252
  • please in check #245
  • please check sir, thanks #219
  • please check my concept sir, thanks #218
  • Simple lettermark logo design. #210
  • please chek my revision sir, thanks #187
  • Is it like this
  • How do my revisions, I hope you like it
    thank you

    regards #167
  • please feedback me. #158
  • please feedback me. #156
  • I dig it. can you do a version with the icon to the left and the font sized to whatever you think is the right proportion? #131
  • I like the symbolism in the icon. the feel should be more professional though. #101
    • About #101, @MikeyF Do you mean the color of the icon?

  • About #69, @archinla I like all of your ideas. Im looking for a little more symbolism for the networking than I am for the house, but the house is second.
  • Same feedback as with #85. thank you. #86
  • Same as my comment on #11, please submit a version with the color changes. thank you. #10
  • see new image added in brief. yours is similar. please see those comments and resubmit. #85