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Winning design #29 by vfdez, Logo Design for Log+App icon for Taxi App Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vfdez

Project description

We are looking for a logo + an app icon for a Taxi company and for a mobile taxi booking app of this company. The logo must be used as an app icon, which means that it should fit into the squared icon. Please also contain such an icon in your proposal. The Logo/icon should consist the following: A T in a shield of a superhero. The T should be built out of a tie and stands for Taxi. The shield should consist 6 edges (not 5 like in our picture), like the shield of DeliveryHero (www.deliveryhero.com) (good for orientation, but DeliveryHero is to playful). Overall the logo should look very highclass, posh, shiny and less playful and comic-like, because the most customers will be business people.

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  • Hello CH. I just submitted my design #39. Thanks for feedback of any changes required.
  • Hello CH, Just submitted #37 for your kind reference. Please see if it fits the requirements and kindly let me know of any changes required. Regards, VS
  • Sadly all the fonts are not matching the classic and elegant look. Please use the "rounded" logo you did last. Can you please find fonts which look similar to Uber.com And please write Taxi Hotel in 2 words All the same font! Please don't use bold or italic, that we can see the font clearly Thank you very much!
  • Nice design! I hope the last change: Can you show us this solution but flatten the top a little bit?! Thank you very much!
  • Hello! I have submitted Entries #33 and #34 and would love to hear your thoughts/changes you might like made. Thanks!
  • #32 Hi, I got this design up, check it out and see what you think, I will try to get a more refined version up if it's to your liking.
  • And can you please prepare one version of this logo with more rounded edges, taht it looks less squared. Please try to copy the shield frame from deliveryhero.com Thank you very much!
  • Very nice. Can you show us the logo in combination with some fonts? Please write the name: TaxiHotel in different fonts (5-10) which match the logo and look very highclass, elegant and awesome. Let Hotel stands out by playing with black/white and yellow, playing with bold, italic but keep for both words the same font. Can you also show how it will look like right next to the logo and under the logo? Thank you very much! Looking forward to finalize the design soon!
  • Getting closer to the final version. Nice! Can you please make the tie + collar thinner and put it a little bit down = both to get more yellow color at the top. The app icon must be a square and filled as much as possible with the logo. Can you do a 2nd version with a tie in a little bit lighter color that you can recognize the tie even on a small iPhone screen! Thank you very much. Really looking forward to the next version!
  • This is our favor! Very well designed! But we still have little changes to ask: - make the tie mor like a "T" - make the top a little bit flatter (like the shape of the DeliveryHero logo) - please also adjust these changes to the app icon - can you do a second version with 7 edges with a horizontal line at the top Thank you very much. The designs goes in the right direction! Looking forward to the improvements
  • and can you do this with reversed colors? The Tie in black? Thank you very much!
  • We really like the T and the colors Can you please change - the grey shapes (decrease, less triangle) - makle the shield more rounded, flatter on the top (like the one of DeliveryHero) - please make an app icon to see it this way
  • #56 Okay, I got an updated refined piece up to check out, I think this may be along the lines of what you're looking for, check it out and let me know if it needs to be tweaked.
  • #54 be different.. Just Give more view.. it's okay if you don't like
  • vfdez: Congratulations and thank you very much! because we need this for our accounting. Thank you very much!
    • HI there Please click on download source files, you will then see minor fix/communication area where you and winning designer can work together. All communication needs to be left in this minor fix area so we can track what is completed or not. Thank you