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Winning design #1 by ambush, Logo Design for Logo design needed Contest
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designed by ambush

Project description

Create a logo for Registry Rebates (RegistryRebates.com). Logo can be text, image, or combination as you propose. Logo should include the tagline "Because Weddings are Expensive Enough" but should also look good without the tagline, as the site caters to members with other types of gift registries, too.

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  • For future submissions: I should have mentioned that we'll want some content on that home page - at least a paragraph telling what the site is, maybe some testimonials. (I see how I would replace or re-size the image on this design to accomodate). I'll also need something on the home page to encourage people to sign-up.
  • Hello CH. The bow in my design is made up of a somewhat absract RR. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, #50 is my entry. A logo or you can say a Gift of Heart. But cleverly I made heart with 2 RR so its simple, elegant and a creatively described gift with your Companies initials. Thanks,
  • hello intSyscon, i have just added a new entry #46. i have changes the colour and so on. thankyou
  • #34 and #35 are color revisions of #1. Hope you like them.
  • Thanks for the color change. I like this one much better! Cheers.
  • I like the present design on this one. Is it possible to put the tagline in cursive or a different font and then make it more prominent? Thanks!
  • I really like this design. Can you try it in a couple different color schemes?
  • The frame is too cluttered. Sorry
  • I like the design. Don't like the red.
  • same as before. Brown and yellow isn't cutting it either
  • Large present is distracting. Don't like the red
  • Thanks for doing 4 different ones. Out of the 4 this is the best in terms of color scheme and design.
  • Appears to be a copy of #5 w/tagline
  • Color scheme looks more like xmas than a wedding.
  • It's nice but a little on the plain side.
  • Too mono-chromatic. I think the pink is a bit much
  • I'm a fan of this design. Can we try it in different color schemes. Maybe more blue?
  • Contest is not supposed to include site design - my fault.
  • dear CH here's my first logo proposal, hope you'll like it if you have any questions, comments or changes i'll reply to you asap thanks, Carolina Hdz