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Winning design #61 by ammarsgd, Logo Design for Logo App Developing Company Contest
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designed by ammarsgd

Project description

UPDATE: Please use pictorals, Kewords: cloud computing, innovation, technology, moble, live boroadcasting, apps. We’re a team of Young developers, yet experienced on mobile apps and IT development. We believe in the passion that drives ideas and work into tangible results, and the conviction to this thought leads each one of our solutions, merging quality, focus and a great user experience. By working under the “exclusive project manager” scheme, each of our clients has the possibity of monitoring their project more directly. We are looking for a logo that reflects this characteristics; fresh, young, innovative but reliable and passionate. We need something using the word "NYX" but drastically different from the one we have today. www.nyxtechnology.com

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  • Could you make something similar without gradients? We like the idea of a pictoral mark algong with the "Nyx" word. Maybe varoants of the pictoral mark...
    • Hey dcastro, thanks for your feedback, your logo is going to be a classic. Before I submit the revision I would like to know if you have any additional feedback about the pictoral mark. Is it something specific that you are looking for?

    • There is nothing in particular we are looking for, just something that denotes modern, technology and innovation.

    • Good, I've added the revision of your logo. I think you you will like it. #76 When will the final decision be made?

  • A broader stroke and maybe another proposition of PCB will be a good idea.
    • i've tried, is the nuber #40! about the number #15, i've adjusted the N and now it's visible but i can't upload it cause i've uploaded 3 works yet.

    • I eliminated #15 I dont know if you can upload the correction this way.

    • yes i can now, thanks! i've uploaded the #66, where you can see a better N :)

  • We like your idea, we don't see the N in the "Nyx" word. Maybe without gradients.
  • The pixelated concept sounds good but we would like to have a Pictoral mark on the logo along with the word "NYX". Smaller pixels and more leaborated design will work.
  • Your entries are too similar to the entries:http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-app-developing-company/entry/20/ and http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-app-developing-company/designer/nikkoj/ _ http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-app-developing-company/entry/24/report/
  • Very neat design, resembles a lot (maybe too much) the old logo. Something in the same line but without using the arrow can work.
    • good day CH... thank you very much for the positive feedback about my design.. i submitted my latest revise design.. thank you..

  • Can you make the N more clear (understandable)??
    • I've added the revision of your logo in which I display two ways to make the 'N' more clear. #76

  • TNT Channel?? Neat design, we like the empty space concept, can you suggest something without circles??
  • Could you use a pictoral that doestn enphasize the x??
  • We like very much your idea!! No gradients, pleas add a pictoral.
  • About #44, we eliminated it by mistake, we would like that logo with a more clear N letter, eliminate the white space below the N
  • We like the cube, the word we dont like.
  • hi CH good day! I submitted a design #75 hope you like it. any feedbacks would be great. thanks
  • good day CH... any final request for my designs? for the finalization of the project... thank you...