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EDIT5: I wanted to give a small update, some logos are highly rated, but haven't recent any comments in the last few days. This is because I don't know how to really improve them. It means, I like the original idea quite a lot, I'm just not happy / it just not what I'm looking for, as a finished logo. Feel free to try other things with it, perhaps there is a spark I can't currently think of. EDIT4: A few notes: I would prefer if the whole logo would be one line or close to it. I don't like it to much if the logo is to high. (There are exceptions see 75 ratings) The logo should be black/dark grey in the MAIN colors. Blue should be used to highlight a special part or so, but not necessarily the full logo. Any questions, feel free to ask. EDIT3: I will rate all again today and wanted to add some comments here. To submit further work you should have a logo rated a both 60. This does not mean, that if you so far haven't entered something or have a rating lower you can't ad something. However, it would need to e special and original, not just a cheap copy of a higher rated logo. For all aboth 60, keep in mind you will know be able to see all of the logos I like so far. What I DO NOT want is, that you start to copy each other. I choose these logos because I liked something in all of them. 60-70 I like the idea, but probably something isn't there yet. (Font/color/shape or so) 70-74 it is quite good and perhaps get some inspiration from the top rated logos. ( INSPIRATION NOT COPY ;) ) Rating of 75 means you are currently quite in front. Take a look at the other ones rated that high and think what could work with YOUR suggestion and logo. I will comment on all 75 again soon. EDIT2: I added a color chart. The blues with a green dote are my favorite. However, all of them can work. It depends on the logo itself. Thanks Chris EDIT1: You don't need to use Christopher Hauser. christopher hauser would be fine as well the same as CHRISTOPHER HAUSER. The same goes for photography / contemporary photography EDIT: I wanted to add a few line here. I have seen some nice stuff, but nothing so far that really kills it for me. Please check that you use the correct name. I have seen some strange versions of it... ;)

Next I'm looking for a long term Logo/banner/branding so it must be something, that does work for a longer time and not something which is "in" now and "out" next year.
It should be something high end. I'm not selling images in the lower end market, my target is quite high and the logo has to show that. Here I come back to Peter lik. I know my name isn't as perfect as his for a short and small logo, but it is very simple and timeless. My logo should include more of my name or the full name, but has to look elegant, clean and modern. Thanks so far. ORGINAL: I am looking for a redesign for my own Logo. It needs to work in Print and Web page. It should be possible to use it in my banner and therefor be not a big square.
I'm a contemporary photographer and want to have a modern and unique look.
The main aspects that have to be used are:
- My name "Christopher Hauser"
- The word "photography" or "contemporary photography"
- Initials like "CH" or so can be used as well, but it is not mandatory.

Colors should be black on white, perhaps with an additional color like a blue tone or so. However nothing to extreme.

My current "logo" is quite simple and can be seen on my current page. www.chauser.eu There you can also see some of my work.

Some of the Logos / styles I like are:

Other Logos I like a lot are: Nike Logo;Puma Logo;Apple Logo;

Some more examples: (Only things I LIKE, it does not mean it has to be similiar in any way.)

This is a logo contest

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  • Dear CH, The font I have chosen is a modern font, it's serious and a bit playful, it control the eye of your audience to look in a specific direction to read the whole logo. Am still working on the logo, hope you like it and have a feedback from you. Thanks, Milatt.
  • Greetings ch1. On #28 and #29 I made the letter forms from scratch. If you would like to see different colors or any other revisions please let me know.
  • I'm sorry I was wrong to post the first entry for the two posts I have updated thank you
  • I've revised the logo #39 and #45 to reflect your comments. #39 - Added blue and black, made 2 variatons, one with lowercase -> #82 and #83 #45 - added stronger colors (black and grey) and moved the 'photography' to the right side -> #84
  • #81 I trimmed the icon and name to make it less bold or heavy.
  • #31 - It isn't as clear as I intended it to be, but the letters 'ch' were created using lines that run perpendicular to the rest. It loses some of its effect when shrunk, but at a larger scale it creates an optical illusion. No real relation to your business but its something I have been playing with.
  • #32 - I noticed that the bulk of your work is architectural, and much of it is done at a scale that allows for abstraction. I wanted to incorporate something that is in line with this - something that is architectural, but abstract enough that it isn't easily defined. The 5 bars are intended to evoke an architectural sense (without explicitly looking like towers). I think its a concept that is worth exploring, but let me know if i'm way off or have misunderstood your work or your branding plan. As per the gradients, do you want me to just get rid of the background gradients? or the gradients within the logo itself? Thanks for the feedback :)
  • ch1
    Just added some information to the brief.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for your reply. Now I have better view on what you're looking for. I will work on it and get back soon with some other stuff. Best, Guziki
  • ch1
    Once again I like the idea with the i, just not sure about the placement of photography and would like to see the rest of the font in something more black /grey like.
  • ch1
    just to much, even though it looks great. not what I'm looking for.
  • ch1
    just to much, even though it looks great. not what I'm looking for.
  • ch1
    just to much, even though it looks great. not what I'm looking for.
  • ch1
    I like the idea, but not the font that much
  • ch1
    I like parts, but don't like others. The top for example is to "fat" In addition, i don't like how the two fonts work against each other
  • ch1
    I like the idea, but the top part (ch) is to bold for me. I need something thinner.
  • ch1
    to much, to loud, to fancy
  • ch1
    name is missing a little to much
  • ch1
    name is missing a little to much