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Winning design #97 by hillrm, Logo Design for Logo Creation for ExcellentBabySitters.com Contest
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designed by hillrm

Project description

Looking for a logo that personifies caring, warmth, permanence and fun. We are geared towards parents, as such they need to trust us and be excited by the opportunity to hire a great capable babysitter. Target Markets: NYC, Miami, Chicago, LA Avg Age of clients: mid 30s early 40s Gender: Both Male and Female Users, likely more Females Client Education: High Also looking for a slogan or catch phrase for ExcellentBabysitters.com

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  • aout #3 and #4 astract adult and child. I hope you like. If you would like any revisions, just let me know.
  • #25,I chose to use a happy toddler to show that kids will never be sulky and the purple colour enclosing the text plus the mixture of colours indicates the playfulness of toddlers.
  • your entry is way too close to the 2010 census logo found here http://magcensus.com/materials.asp
  • I entered a logo representative sample showing a happy family giving freshness and reliability
  • one design in an entry only no variations just one design only
  • one design only in an entry, novariations just one design in an entry, unless requested by the contest holder
  • Hi, #14 - Tried to incorporate all the related things that you wanted to see in the logo, like caring, warmth, permanence and even fun. If you look closer, you'll see that the woman holding a child together makes a heart symbolizing all of those elements listed before.
  • iky
    Dear CH, do you want the "LLC." to be in the logo? Regards iky
  • Dear CH, The first idea that came to my mind when I read your brief was "A ROYAL treatment" for the children ... So here it is! Hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Welcome to designcontest! I am the designer of #7. It's playful, conveys quality and confidence, and is tender enough to show care for children. Let me know what you like and dislike, and we'll figure out how to find what you want! Thank you for your time.
  • Hello there, I am aware of that the use of clipart is prohibited, however I did not use clipart. I covered the sides of my hand,index finger, and thumb with charcoal and used it as a stamp to create the foot prints. I then scanned in the picture and ran "live trace" to vectorize the image. After duplicating and rotating the feet to my liking I used it as the background of my logo design. Here is a link to a photo that will clarify my explanation. http://i1086.photobucket.com/albums/j451/openminddesigns/Photo392.jpg Thanks, Open Mind Designs
  • you are not allowed to use clipart, clipart is found here http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VooDzGLa6-...ints_WYCFL.jpg
  • you are not allowed to use clipart, the clipart is found here http://www.amomlessordinary.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/mary-poppins.jpg
  • Excuse me for #19 - it`s my first work here :) it won`t happen again. Work #20 & #26 are focused on connection between stable babysitter and child who needs to be care. Lines of logotype are drawn by hand to show a bit of fun which child may have with babysitter. Logotype is easy to prepare to be also in mono color positive or negative (prints, shirts, and prints or other promotional gadgets).
  • Dear CH, Please comment on the posted designs for our enlightment.(esp. #25 & #27)
  • sorry my mistake about that "TM"
  • About #76 and #77 Dear CH, I entered a logo representative sample showing caring, warmth, permanence in "e" character that looks like a woman holding a child.
  • This is the same design as #73, except I fixed the letters in the block (they weren't the same size).
  • Great design, think it's almost there. I'd like to see a small/medium ABC block set in one of the corners and a revised tag line. Something to incorporate the fact I will provide services from infants to teenagers. Thank you for your time excited to see version 2
  • I used the block idea to make a fun and youthful logo that is eye-appealing but still looks sleek and modern enough to head a professional company. Let me know if you like the concept or have any directional ideas. Thanks!