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Winning design #375 by Elijah, Logo Design for LOGO DESIGN Contest
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designed by Elijah

Project description

An established company needs a website logo design. The company will service others in the field of commodities. Design should project reliability, trustworthiness, should be more formal and traditional, rather than edgy or cute, if anything err on the side of being traditional and slightly old fashioned, buttoned down, suited up style. I welcome your ideas and appreciate the time your putting into this. NAME OF THE COMPANY IS: ULYSSES

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  • turn to a blind one,please.and what should i provide for the company name?
  • Dear CH Can you please provide the name of your Company in the Brief
  • Hi We really need a name and some more info on the company if any one is going to design an effective and appropriate logo. Many thanks Prendy
  • More details about the company name and specifications if any would be highly appreciated.....
  • Dear CH, I like to work on your logo. Please don't turn to blind, please check other blind contest there are few designers and few submissions. Open contest can be good return. Well please put the more details and the name of your company. thanks
  • Hi alexvugman, Would love to start working on your logo! Can you please provide the name of your company.
  • Dear alexvugman, please check my entrie #35. Kind regards, birdofparadise
  • Alex, I would love feedback of my design #7. Thank you. -B
  • Name of the company is EMERSON (like Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  • you are not allowed to use designs/logos created by other people , use your own work! the design you used is found here http://www.biz-logo.com/logo.php?logoid=2987 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-design-4676/entry/159/report/
  • @ OPERHAL - very nice, the E is a bit greek. I definitely like it. Its on my list. I can't figure out which one I like best...
  • Hi CH IF it's not too late, please check #174. Kind regards. Andrei
  • Dear CH, i just uploaded my second design for your company. Please check #169 best regards
  • Thank you for your participation. I'm in the process of reviewing entries and getting feedback from my team. Please keep submitting your ideas, and we'll pick the 1,2 and 3 place winners over the next few days...thanks for your patience.
  • Manju - Very nice. Thank you.
  • Hey Alexvugman! #154 is the revised entry. Hope I read ur rqst correctly... Feel free to ask for any other change.....Ready to do any revision! Thnks! Manju
  • i feel like I'm being a pain. let's try this last one - the phone is turned up, only to the right side, so its like now, only leaning right vs. left...hope I explained it right
  • clever. But that tells me you'll hang up on me, what if the phone was open, and being spoken into? can you simulate an open phone line?
  • You guys/gals are doing amazing things I could never do. I apologize if it seems I eliminated a logo, or didn't give feedback to your work. I'm blown away by the level of your talent. I have a really hard decision on who to pick here.
  • nice logo - reminds me too much of other logos