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Our company is called "Poolscape" Feel free to look at our current website www.poolscape.com (which will be completely revamped after we have our new logo) Our company specializes in building unique energy efficient all tiled concrete pools, spas and water features We want to create a new company image reflecting the following 1. green technology 2. energy efficiency 3. excellence in design 4. unique projects 5. our specialty is all tiled energy efficient concrete pools 6. clean, contemporary look to the logo

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  • a bit too simplistic...we do not have to be fixated with blue and black for the color scheme
    • heavy font works nice as well, perhaps think about going in the "green" or tiled pool direction

    • Thanks for the feedback! The font color is actually a (very) dark grey :-). I just made a new, a little bit, more complicated (but probably even more easy to use) version of the logo. #20.

  • I like the blue water drop and the green portion...the 'tiles" below do not work
    • Thank you for the great feed back about my design #8. I have submitted #10 without the tiles...moved the concept to inside the word pool. Your pools look stellar by the way.

  • I like the use of two colours...but please don't add any extra words to the logo thank you
  • nice look, maybe change the font to something a little less futuristic please
    • Thank you for the feedback, ill submit a design with another font shortly :)

  • I like the separation of pool (one color) and scape(second color) ...we do not need to use blue and black
  • Hello CH. About #6 I tried to create a clean and smooth logo. The bubbles leading to the 'O' represent both: Oxygen bubbles and thoughts that go into making each pool. I hope you like my concept, any feedback would be great. Thanks
  • reminds me of tear drops...
    • the layout is clean and neat, perhaps more suitable to an irrigation company

  • sorry, no environmental content...font is nice
    • maybe try a more "green" theme, possibly add some sort of tile connection please

  • nice and clean and incorporates the "green" aspect of our company
    • best direction submitted so far

  • sorry, not a fan of this font or the two blue loops...thank you
  • http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/award/green-leaf-irrigation-landscape Icon is copied from Green Leaf Irrigation & Landscape.
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #60 and any feedbak is welcome. Thank you, Zdmikol
  • Barry, Thank you for the points for #41. I attempted to read your comments on other designs and stay on track with your ideas. I have reached my submit limit for this contest. Hope the contest is a success for your pool company. Regards, vet87usaf
  • nice!!..I like the leaf and water drop combo...any chance of moving it to the left side?
    • Hi barry~ Thanks for the feedback and rating. I'm glad you like it! Please let me know if you would like to see any revisions.

  • oops...I see you have already moved the leaf over on the lower layout, thank you!!
  • Hello barry~ I created a few logos for your consideration that are clean and simple. The icons on #38 and #40 feature a tile that shows a pool with a water droplet. #39 features a water droplet and leaf combined to show the green aspect. The logos will work well on a dark or light background and I designed as a vertical and horizontal layout to give versatility to the logo. Hope you like the concepts. Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • To Whom It May Concern: #37 is the design I have created. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, EGScoglio
  • Hi CH Barry gave me feedback I design, the color and shape problems. If there is a shortage gave me #17 #18 #19 tHanks
  • very creative and unique..nice
  • cool look, I like the use of two colours for Poolscape....maybe try adding a "green leaf" for the eco look