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Winning design #154 by uzairdesigner, Logo Design for Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by uzairdesigner

Project description

Logo needed for a Commercial, Industrial and Residential Property Management Company "3D Properties" (more of a focus on commercial and industrial than residential).

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  • Dear Sir, Hope you like my logos. I have added total 4 colors of the same logo so that you can get an understanding of which color you want in your logo. Waiting for your feedbacks. Thanking You geekscentre
    • I have added colour preferences to the Brief to provide better guidance. *Madam.

  • Looking for something with a more modern and clean look. Maybe an icon featuring '3D' with a simple house/shed/cityscape?
  • Looking for something less wordy (focussing just on '3D Properties', or an icon featuring '3D' with a simple house/shed/cityscape).
  • Hello CH, I had just submitted #23. Are there any adjustments that I should make? Thanks!
    • It is not what we are looking for. Maybe have a look at the existing entries to have a greater idea of what we are looking for.

  • Thanks for the valuable feedback. Please have a look @ #26. Plus if you can tell me the color combination you liked in my designed you rated.
  • About #8 Hi cH,,, Here is my initial option. i am waiting for your comments.
  • Hi darvenizagroup, just submitted entry #51, the icon is a stylized keyhole and a 3 all in one. That is why I created the slogan to go along with it. Please provide me with any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks Carmine
    • Hi Carmine, Creative thinking, but we don't need a slogan, and are looking for a logo that better reflects our properties. Maybe try working with an image of a industrial warehouse or high-rise building?

  • Hello CH I will draw your attention to my new design concept #58 #57 and #56. I hope you like the combination of initials 3DP. If you want to improve design do not hesitate to contact me. Best Reagards!
    • Thank you for your entries, but we are looking for something more simple, clean and professional. Maybe have a look at non-eliminated entries for inspiration?

  • Hello, Thanks for your rating. Do you need any modifications to #7. Please do let me know, will get it done accordingly. Regards.
  • about #36 % hai,CH. here i want to develop on #18 as previous rated entry of mine. i make the text more 3d looks but still readable as logo cause i think its important to make the logo still readable while it carries the whole company vision.thanks for the rating.if you hv any suggestion please let me know about it.best regards.
  • Hi CH, I am focused on the old style of logo, I am maked as a material of building/construction #43, I am not sure for colors actually, Thanks!
    • Thanks for your entry, but we would prefer a newer style of logo. Something clean, simple and professional.

  • Hi please share some feedback about my entry #69, thanks
  • We like this logo very much. Could you please submit a few variations on this? Maybe one without the grey fade, one that's a little simpler/cleaner, and one with a different text font?
    • Hi Ch, I've send a revision #85 & #87....hope you like it...ty

  • about #86 after i read your comment below i think you'd prefer a logo that looks professional and corporate.so i'd like to propose new entry with more corporate and professional looks. i need your review about it. meanwhile i'll work on your suggestion about my previous rated entries.thanks.
  • We prefer your front-facing logo without the chimney (#27) as we would prefer focus on our industrial/commercial properties rather than our residential ones.
  • Nice logo! Could you focus on industrial/commercial properties as opposed to residential houses though? And maybe use a blue/grey colour scheme?
  • Could you try for something sleek & professional, focussing on industrial & commercial properties, using a blue/grey colour scheme?
  • It's a bit busy. Could you try simplifying the logo, and maybe just sticking to the blue/grey/black colour scheme?
  • Interesting use of the cityscape, but we are looking for more of a concise logo.
  • Cute idea, but could you try for something more focussed on the industrial/commercial side of our business (rather than the residential housing side)?