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Very successful first contest. Thank you to all the designers. There were more great ideas than we could have ever expected. Fast, east, and in the end we found what we were looking for. Will recommend!!


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Winning design #130 by ArtNik, Logo Design for Logo Design - Architecture & Engineering Firm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ArtNik

Project description

We are looking to merge our name, slogan and new emblem idea into a logo. Our name is 'CMW' - see image & color attached and we are an architectural and engineering design firm. Our slogan is 'The Shape of Ideas'. Our emblem idea is a rotating nautilus - without looking like the underwater mollusk. Initially we think somehow the name, slogan and emblem can all be woven together into a single logo. If you don't think that can be achieved, maybe just the name and slogan are used. We likely won't want to use anything with hokey drafting utensils commonly associated with engineering or architectural design. We foresee the red with white background. Thank You & Good Luck!!

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  • Is there a way the emblem and slogan can work together? The slogan can be more artistic than just print. Thanks.
  • Dont see any attachement here , fcan you please submit
    • Should be up now. Thanks

  • Hi CMW400, please check #66. thanks blocpuzz. nice nautilus curved into the CMW. your thoughts please - bp
  • About #58, About #63, About #62 Post designs, would be helpful to have any comments on the work and well see what direction to take, thanks
  • How would that look if compressed and located left of the name and slogan? Could you thicken the text? Thanks!
  • #27 shows the suggested alterations of #22. I am happy to make any adjustments you hight want. Thanks
  • Could you put the emblem to the left of the text and slogan as well as extend the spiral line underneath the slogan to keep from ending it at the vertical line? Thanks
  • Thanks for the submissions!
  • You might be on to something with the 'C' and nautilus. Can the 'C' flow into the slogan?
  • Hello CMW400, I submitted my version, please look at this #94. Thanks.
  • Thanks for feedback on my design #72. I've submitted a revision #87 and would like to know if this is what you want. Thanks.
  • Hello again CH, I have one more design #79. I would like to know your opinion about this. Thanks
    • I really like the design. Maybe play with the location of the slogan so you read the 'CMW' before your eye reads the slogan. It seems backwards to see the slogan before the CMW. But the dot concept is very interesting.

    • Thank you for your feedback! I made some changes and I submitted a new version #82. I hope I get closer!

    • Very Nice. What if the slogan was a little bigger and fit between the first and third line of dots at the bottom right hand corner?

    • My last entry is #83. Please sent me if there is anything else that you would like to change. Thanks

  • Hi CH My approach on this is #80. Simple and clean lines and fonts, the mark can be used with or without the writing. Feedback would be appreciated. Andrei
  • Hello CMW400 Can we have your thoughts on #57 Thanks & G'day
    • I like the simplicity of it. To give it a little more interest, maybe play with your text fonts. It seems like our group wants a good balance of loose and fixed aspects of the complete design. Looks good though. Thanks

  • Great idea. Now what happens if the slogan loosens up? It might work with all the ideas that the emblem and slogan are loose while the 'CMW' remains rigid. Thanks
  • Hello CH, I submitted #74 and #75. Your feedback would be very helpful. Thank you Artemis
  • Hello CH, There is one more version of my design, #96. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, I represent the new version #105, classical, easy style and the maximum convenience in use. Thanks!
  • hello CH, concept design #104 I please your feedback. thx