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Winning design #91 by Niff, Logo Design for Logo design for a non-profit Contest
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designed by Niff

Project description

Thanks for taking this request. About my company.. "The Pledge" is a non-profit that encourages environmental sustainability . Companies and individuals take a "pledge" where they make a commitment stating they will honor the sanctity of the environment through sustainable business practices and lifestyle. It's basically a statement to their customer base that environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of their business practices. Therefore, this logo will be used by participants as a statement to others that they have taken the pledge. It's kind of like an informal certification. Every company or individual that makes the pledge will receive some information in the mail and proceeds will go toward specific environmental causes that the registrant chooses. These causes (other organzations) will be listed on the website. They will also receive a sticker of the logo that they can put on the back of their vehicles, on the doorway of their businesses or anywhere else they deem appropriate. This logo is a stamp and a declaration. I'm looking for a logo that... 1. May or may not contain words or slogans 2. That is clean and sleek 3. Colors are very flexible 4. Incorporates some environmental/nature theme 5. Gives a positive vibe and a unified message of solidarity 6. I like the idea of having a circular shape, because it's easy to produce stickers and fall in-line with are certification organizations. Thanks for your hard work. I appreciate it. Phil

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  • Hi CH, #28 I made this clean and simple that incorporate with your company i hope you like it.. thanks watz
  • As we are moving forward..here is some food for thought... 1. This logo will potentially be put on other companies websites if another company takes the pledge and wants to advertise this fact. Think about..would this logo look good on other websites that may have nothing to do with environmental sustainability. 2. Also, I like the circle border/enclosure..however, any shape or figure that is relatively enclosed may work.
  • Ok, this is my first time using this site and I love it and love all of you guys. I don't know any of you personally, but knowing that you're all sitting at your workspaces around the world and working hard gives me hope for this world and this organization. We have 6 long days left but I sincerely appreciate all the entries. There is not one bad entry. Also, the rating scale I use doesn't mean a whole lot. If I initally liked the design and felt good vibes I scrolled it up. I am not putting a whole lot of thought into a 88 compared to 85..both of those are pretty much even. Don't be discouraged if you're rating is not where you would like. At the end of this process I will meet with two of my board members (I am founder and Executive Director) and we will decide jointly. Thanks for the great Day 1!
  • Thanks for your hard work Olive. I really like your designs and concept. I really like the large one with the purple lettering and the green filled one the most. This is a strong candidate and I can tell you're a professional. Thank you.
  • Both of your logos are very strong candidates so far. I really really like them and appreciate your hard work. You are very skilled and if you have any more ideas that would be great. Thanks again!
  • I really like this logo and like the birds. However, the dark birds may provide challenges for some people. They might not be able to distinguish the shape, especially if this logo is a bumper sticker on someones car...maybe this is due to color or the shape...If you want, you can continue with your work. Thanks for your submission.
  • I like most of it and you're on the right track. Could you modify the border? Maybe use more solid lines with the border or another texture...? I like the simplicity of the center design.
  • Dear CH, my entry #25 is just the first sketch of an idea of incorporating three universal symbols into one - circle, leaf and heart. Each of them has a very clear message to anyone but it is important that they are here implemented in an unique way. If you think that this is the right direction, I will be happy to work and develop it further. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the great entries so far. I'm very impressed with everyone's input and thought. I like the tree/leaf theme, but it would also be helpful to have some non leaf/tree themed entries to mix it up. I do like everything so far though. Thanks, I sincerely appreciate it.
  • dear CH, here are the recyling idea on #57, #58, any feedback are welcome thx
  • Dear CH, please view my designs #34 and #49 and give your feedback. thank you
  • #32,#33 another ideas that i made i hope this will work to your company... thanks.... watz..
  • HI CH! Please take a look at #79, my attempt at creating a logo for you that projects strength, unity and solidarity. I took the liberty of putting "I PLEDGE" instead of "the Pledge" because it shows more commitment to the oath. But if that is not acceptable, I can easily change that and any of the wordings. Please provide feedback. It will be very much appreciated! Thanks for the opportunity. Conrad
  • Dear Ch, About #32 Thanks a lot for the rate that you've give for my entry..I appreciate it a lot. Please take a look with my new design this is the same with entry #32 but i put something that looks unique i hope this concept will work...entry #72. thanks.... watz...
  • About #71 Hi! Thank you for your previous comment. I appreciate it. I worked more on the same concept: heart-leaf-circle a.k.a. love-nature-unity(infinity). I was trying to make it more striking. I believe that it does pop out more compared to the first one. Also I think it is more memorable now. I was strongly relaying on the brief, especially the example of Apple logo. Simple and unique were my guidelines, keeping in mind that the more complicated the design is, the harder it is to memorize it. If you want to see any changes, for example darker or different color and font, just tell me. Thank you again and pardon my poor English.
  • I wanted to show the wing as a leaf in my design, but now that u have specified what to do, I'm working on it . Thanks for the feedback CH.
  • Nice design. It does give me a subconscious feeling that it's an evil eye to the left. The way the top leaf goes over the circle is similar to an angry eyebrow. It's a great design, but after examining it over a few days it left me with that feeling. This is real close to what we're looking for though. Thanks for your submission.
  • could you change the spelling to "the Pledge". Sleek design!
  • This is a great design and my team and I talk about it a lot. We like the colored one a litle more. We like the abstract bird...is there any way to modify the bird a little more so people can immediately identify what it is..? Don't turn it into an obvious bird shape like the other designs, keep it really unique, but maybe slightly change it so people connect instantly with the bird. Most people will undestand what it is, but I'm thinking about the minority of people here... Thanks, it's a great piece already and will be in our final selection as it is right now too.
  • My team and I are back and forth with this design. It's mentioned in conversation a lot. Do you have any other designs that involve the hand?