Logo design for a start up Drug testing and Background Check company

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Winning design #187 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Logo design for a start up Drug testing and Background Check company Contest
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designed by antoneofull

Project description

We need a logo for this start up company. We have no pre-conceived ideas...so WOW us.

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  • Or somethink like this like lab and clue bigger font like a word (clue) hope you like it
  • I'm wondering if you can possibly do a very light colored fingerprint behind the word clue or the a?
  • Dear CH check out my nem proposal #45 simple and clean! Any change you want just say it.
  • Or the same just the Magnifying shape hope you like it
  • Fignerprint your text and the clue larger for a word clue , hope you like the idea
  • I love your design, but I think the G should be capitalized
  • Can you turn the image sideways either above or below the words get a clue? I like it, but I'm concerned it's going to take up to much room above the name on a business card.
  • Here is my editted version #26, DNA version pure vector.. hope u like it... ^^
  • I like this idea, but I'm wondering if a dna strand, fingerprint, something along those lines would look better in the block.
  • Looks like there is a white box in the image and I really would rather not have a beaker so another icon like dna strand, fingerprint, etc
  • I don't really like the beaker idea. Think more along the lines of fingerprints, dna, or magnifying glass, etc.
  • Not really liking the medical emblem, but I like the upside down ? mark. Maybe a DNA strand or fingerprint or something along those lines in place of the Medical emblem.
  • Version number 6 cmy chosen to show the colors of spectrophotometry chart. Silhouette added to random size circles. #100 Thanks
  • Version number 5 various levels of concentric 3d circles (to mimic the various levels of testing) with a urine drop and fingerprint in backdrop. #98 Thanks
  • Version number 4 entry #96 Various droplets in random pattern with 2 faces to show good and bad one side has fingerprint. Company name A and L in clue act as magnifying glass.. Thanks
  • dear CH, this is my first entry... i hope you like it and i'd be happy if you give me a feedback. regards
  • Version number 3 Company name is the handle of the magnifying glass with description wrapped around edges of glass. #94
  • Version number 2 font same as #80 but graphic is different. Finger print and A is scoped by magnifying glass #82. Thanks
  • Version 1 #80 gray scale submitted, Design inspired from what comment was posted b the contest holder thanks
  • Ch, here is my editted version of my work @ #74,#78 .... ^^,