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Winning design #148 by Grapikal, Logo Design for Logo Design For Corporate Technology Holding Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Grapikal

Project description

We are looking for a logo that is soft, stern and corporate. Perhaps some digital/cyber security themes, but toned down and subtle. The cyber security activities we conduct are for industrial industries, oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, etc. This will be used primarily for a website and some cards. (ie more work to come if we like your work)

Option 1: corporate but incorporate cyber security, industrial (ie nuke plants, power grid, oil and gas) and hacker feel.
Option 2: the bank look. A stern corporate bank / finance / consulting brand interested to see what you can come up with!

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  • thicker font?
  • great, these look really sharp. How about this one with thicker font like #70
  • About #81 Don't worry, the lion is mine!
  • one thing, is this lion emblem unique or used elsewhere? its ok if its not completely unique but we wouldnt want to run into branding problems
  • i like this one with a thicker blue font like the others
  • maybe red emblem outline and blue font, like the dutch colors
  • How about one more corporate font, kinda like #49
  • About #78 SORRY about mistake!
  • oh and its Group, not Gruop
  • couple more color schemes and fonts (spacing styles) and we could have a winner
  • About#78 Dear CH, I suggest you lion shape is better for scaling than lion outline! Kind regards.
  • Looks great but we prefer the words down the side. Font is nice but can you try a few different emblems 1) A bit fatter, it seems a bit long and skinny 2) i like the blue back, silver outline and silver line outline like 69. 3) maybe just the lion in blue and grey with opposite colored words...this is in the top 2 now
  • Margus...yes
  • About#68 Dear CH, Do you mean a shield with lion like in #69?
  • Its against the rules to show colored/gradient backgrounds unless CH requests or its a part of your logo. Thanks
  • Dig the symbol but colors are too soft. How about a sharper blue and grey like some of the other entries and strong corporate font down the side
  • I really like the lion, can you work the emblem a bit? perhaps a the sheild look with the lion and soft corporate font for The Dutch Group down the side
  • Sergem's design is gone and it was one of our favorites so far. Can someone explain that?
  • I'm sorry to have to do this but the design you are using is clipart that is slighty modified our rules state no clipart, the design has to be created by you. the design can be found here http://www.clker.com/clipart-griffin.html please do not use any clipart in the contest, other designers watch out for this and will report it like they did this one