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Design contest was a great experience. I am really happy with the final design. Thank you.

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Winning design #17 by mitri, Logo Design for Logo design for Evaluation Consultant Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mitri

Project description

I would like a logo to illustrate "positive change" for organisations and for projects. The design could illustrate 'order' from 'chaos', its about injecting 'energy' as well as order I like the design of Tammy Tantilla on this website-2nd prize winner (zerin74). Round/organic and energy. The colors are good- green and blue (but also open to others) but would like to have something that indicates CHANGE/TRANSFORMATION I would like it to look professional but NOT square and cold. NO figures of people please. I want to use the design for report covers, business card, website The logo needs to be separate from the business name as I may change this or use more than one name and use the logo for recognition of my business

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  • Hi, Thanks for your submission. It looks to me a bit like something going down the plug hole or a cyclone!
  • Energetic logo a new concept
  • Contest Holder - A bit about my concept - evolving, constant change, moving forward, evolutionary, green, energy - represented by the smaller to larger leaves. Looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards.
  • HI, I love the strength and statement of your #17 entry
  • CH: thanks for your feedback. Hope you'll like my new idea. The evolution of my #17 presented in more graphicaly perfect and modern manner.
  • New concept at #31 Thanks for feedback´in, PVC
  • Thanks for submitting this. This logo has grown on me over the day. It is very memorable. Different. It has a lot of meaning for what I do
  • CH: I combined 2 of my concepts. Hope you like it.
  • Hi, Thanks, I like the concept but a bit complicated for me.
  • HI CH: I had read your comment below and hope this is on the way to what your looking for. Let me know! :)
  • Hi CH, At #25 I´ve give your "change agent" profile and eliminate "and associates" Thanks for feedback´in, PVC
  • Hi CH: I change my concept a little. Now the representation is the energy of the sun and the changes it has on the planet.Let me know what you think. :)
  • About #20 did you like it? I´am a bit confused :) Well the logo means energy from earth (green) to the sky (blue) Must i follow this logo or pull to another concept? Thanks for feedback´in, PVC
  • I submit the #22, is an improved version of number #16. I wait your feedback, for do something more. Thanks!
  • HI, Thanks. I wrote feedback for you under #20 instead (I think I need a coffee!)Thanks, something with more energy.
  • oops! I wrote the wrong feedback- that feedback was for 21 (still getting used to how this works) SOrry. Yeah, I like this- this has energy. WHat does it mean?
  • Thanks, I like it, but more detailed and complex than what I was looking for. The energy in a symbol- moving, transforming- I think I am looking for
  • Hi CH: My logo represents change and the energy of life, hopefully you like it. Please give some feedback as I can always make revisions. TY
  • Hi CH, I would like to have some feedback about my #20 Thanks, PVC
  • Thanks but I can't interpret meaning of logo