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Winning design #23 by Trward321, Logo Design for Logo Design for Insurance Agency Contest
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designed by Trward321

Project description

Final logo should be presented in most popular formats - jpeg, png, etc. Each should be in color. I am open to most ideas, but a professional appearance is essential for this industry. Feel free to contact me with your questions. A favicon for a website should also be included.

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  • For #5, I can change the font and color if you like. thanks!
  • Hi CH, In #1, the little blue person inside the rings could also serve as a great favicon. Thank you =) Cherilyn
  • Hi CH, For #12, #14, #15, #16; I forgot the word insurance underneath the "Titan". I apologize for that. I can fix it if you like. Thanks
  • Thank you for your feedback and liking my work! Best regards, Renata
  • I like this a lot.
  • This is a nice design BUT it is the same design as BUDGET car rental's logo.
  • No third party images allowed.
  • This logo is very clean – there is only too much of a similarity to the Travel Channel's logo.
  • Contest holder, The stone shield signifies a strong and powerful business. The typography is clean and classic; professional. Included is the favicon you requested.
  • #10 I feel this logo immediately demonstrates a strong, timeless design with a high level of professionalism; which you obviously need to present in this field. The crest represents a feeling of protection, while the font brings to mind an executive level of business practice, both of which are imperative for clients to associate with your company. Even the rich red and gold colors are an important element as they are associated with a "distinguished" image.
  • Nice
  • I like this.
  • Only one design allowed per entry. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-design-for-insurance-agency/entry/83/report
  • This design is based on the Greek titan Atlas, who carries the world upon his shoulders. Inside the sphere he's holding, I put a globe, to represent the large size of your nationwide business, and stars, to represent the treasures people would want to insure. The inside of the sphere can always be edited to your liking.
  • if you want to change something just tell me....u can also send me an email at peppe_sk8@hotmail.it
  • Dear CH, I have used a column in my entry, as a symbol of stability and safety.
  • Perhaps the symbol / icon is not even needed in this case? It could stand on its own as a font. Works well as black and white and knock out reversed and in small scale as well as large. The button would be favicon.
  • Can u straighten this out?