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Winning logo designer krsbelle was wonderful (creative, responsive), and so was the whole DesignContest experience. To be repeated next time I need a graphic professional. Thanks!

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Winning design #114 by juuannpa, Logo Design for Logo design for Maine Photo Tutor Contest
Gold Medal

designed by juuannpa

Project description

Maine Photo Tutor is a tiny company in coastal Maine that offers one-on-one hands-on photography lessons. The instructor is a working professional photographer. Students range widely in age and level of proficiency. I am looking for a clean logo that isn't too obvious or too literal in its iconography (I tend to dislike photography-related logos with aperture-blade circles for instance). I'm generally a fan of Northern European (Dutch) design. I gravitate toward designs that are clean, tidy, clever, uncluttered, accessible, and just a tad bit playful. It's OK to de-emphasize 'Maine' in the logo, so that the logo can be easily adapted if I ever leave the state and establish the business elsewhere. The words 'photo tutor' may be run together as one word if you think it makes typographic sense. Thanks -- I'm excited to see what you can do!

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  • CKS
    Hello, thank you for reply my entry. New version #26 and #27 as request, hope you like it. Any changes, please let me know. Regards. Erick
  • Like this quite a bit. Thank you! Can I see a version with the word Maine a little smaller; brackets in all four corners of 'Phototutor,' and the word 'Photo' in a color like #FF7F00 (orange) or maybe #7EC0EE (blue)? Nice work.
  • Submitted #24 I attempted to use negative space in the word "tutor". Between the t and r is the shape of a camera and the CMYK colours on top represent the flash.
  • I like the overall treatment, the RGB circles are a nifty idea but may need to be emphasized just a bit. Letter spacing should be a little tighter to my eye. If you had to choose a couple of variations in FONT, what would you pick? Looking forward to your thoughts/revisions. Thanks!
  • I like it (in fact, so far I like this most of all) but to my eye it needs something up top, some simple little playful icon. I don't know why a leaf or twig keeps coming to mind. That's probably not the right image for a camera guy, unless my subconscious is going with the concept of "grow your creativity" or something. Sorry, I'm just rambling. Any ideas about how to make it more distinct?
  • Hello CH, My design, #21, is meant to be a simple typographical approach to your logo. I wanted to stack the words to add some visual interest with the offset of the Os - subtle lens/filter reference. "Maine" can easily be moved or removed, colors changed, etc. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you! -polyesterdress
  • CH, I apologize for submitting #20, selected wrong file while uploading. Sorry about the mistake. Thanks
  • About #18 and #19 Versions 4 and 5 Maine has " bullets" { thats what its called in typography and is not actual representing bullets. If you ever move and anyone asks tell them " My Artistic Inspiration Never Ends" lol or something to that matter. Thanks
  • Dear CH, I added my design the logo. This is #2. It's Combines the creative teacher with a camera. Look at the light between the letters "m" and "a". Very creative approach, the question is whether you enjoy... Any feedback for this, would be great. Regards, Pawel
  • Dear CH, I update my designs #70 #71 #72 #73. Hope You like this, Regards, Pawel
  • Dear CH, I added design #65. I hope this time you like. If you any suggestion for this - tell me, a want work with them design. Any feedback would be great, Regards, Pawel
  • Thanks much, currently one of my favorites.
  • Nice! Would love to see this with slightly less 'tilt' and the letters in MAINE made a bit smaller. Thank you!
  • May I have a look at this logo without the grey background? Thank you!
  • About #84 Dear CH, I am very motivated to perform for you a few projects, but you have to explain what You want to see. Most points gave me for the project #84. Tell me what solutions you would like to see... the color suits you? gradient can enter? I am looking for a foothold for the project came in your expectations, so if you could give me some advice, I appreciate it. Regards Pawel
  • Dear CH I update my design with an apple and aperture. Look good, please request this. Its #125 and #131, #133 Best Regards, Pawel
  • Dear CH, I update my submission at #120 and #121. Hope you like this. Any feedback would be great, Regards, Pawel
  • Top contender! ;-) Could you submit a version with a lowercase T in Tutor? And one variation where the dotted line is replaced by . C O M Many thanks!
  • Dear Contest holder, Here are my designs #96 #97 #98 , i am a dutchman so i am familiar with dutch art. My designs refer to Mondrian's art, clean simple but very strong and inspiring. I have different color variations, so you don't think immediately at Mondrian. If you want to see adjustments in the design, just let me know, hope you like it. Regards, Dirk
  • Dear CH, I update design. Now it is a this idea #82 #83 #84 #85. Hope You like, Regards