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New business needing logo designed ASAP. Business name: stage left - business description- staging homes for realtors

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  • Hi CH, is it possible you could start to rate the designs, so we can seen if we are heading in the right direction with a day to go. Regards SJK
  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #35 , #36 , #37. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • please check number #30, #31 , #32 and let me know any feedback please :)
  • hi CH, I upload the design #13. Please feedback. Thank you :)
  • I posted #2 and #3. If you want to see a different version or like one element or done like another let me know.
  • Hi there cjdaughtry please click on the blue download source file button, once you have clicked the button yu will see minor fix communication area. The minor fix communication area is now where you leave edit requests for the designer. These articles will help guide https://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/24/my-contest-is-finishing Thank you
  • #116 is perfect.
  • This may sound totally stupid. But, this is it. What do we do now, to select you as the winner
    • Instead of staging for realtors can we put " Interior Design & Staging"

  • Can you please make the stage left black on this? Thanks
  • I think your reading our minds. Lets try the two frames on the outside black and the middle red
  • One more tweak, can we make the picture frames outlined in red instead of black.
    • Hi! Thanks Please check #111 did all the tweak you asked for.. and #112 something I did myself Best regards

  • Lets outline the entire key hole in black
  • Also the red around border.
  • Could you put lamp shade and flowers in red.
  • Lets tweak it just a little more. Can we see the outline you have on the left hand side of the key hole. Black outlined in red and red out lined in black . It's getting close.
    • Please see entry #102 where I've changed the depth outline as you requested. Thanks.

  • Please also see entry #95, where I use only your preferred color scheme, and entry #96, where I make the red a bit louder in tone, and thicken up the tagline font to make it a bit louder as well. Thanks.
  • Could you put the staging home for realtors under the red stage left
    • Did you want the "STAGING HOMES FOR REALTORS" under the red "Stage Left" in black? Is entry #94 what you wanted to see?

  • Lets tweak this a little bit. Maybe the fonts with black with the red and the red with the black
    • I've uploaded entry #93 with the tweaks. I hope this is what you meant.

  • No blue. Not enough pop.
  • Can we go with a different color scheme. No oranges. Something with some pop like . Like the charcoals, reds and blacks on the white or pale greys.
    • Thank you for the feedback. I've uploaded #90 with the colors you requested. Feel free to request any further modifications. And remember, you can keep asking for modifications after you choose a contest winner.