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I'm very happy with my design and appreciate the online support to resolve issues.

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Winning design #84 by IIICCCOOO, Logo Design for Logo Design for Sunshine Coast Twirlers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by IIICCCOOO

Project description

I teach baton twirling and need a logo for my company, Sunshine Coast Twirlers. I would like to have the name, a sun and a baton incorporated into the logo. The logo will be used for business cards, flyers and banners

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  • This is my fav so far. Could you make the shaft of the baton a little thinner as this is more in line with an actual baton and will help the writing stand out.
    • Just submitted #30 with your suggested changes plus some additional tweaking. Let me know what you think of it.

    • Just did a new version of the logo #47. Quite different from my others, let me know what you think of this version.

  • I like the sun and font but do not want a silhouette. Would like to see a single baton incorporated somehow. Thanks.
    • Thanks to appreciation and feedback, give me some movements.

    • |--|

      RupaDesign {*wrote*}:
      Thanks to appreciation and feedback, give me some movements.
      |--| I want show one more entry as next version of my previous. Here I specially highlighted the Baton but also used silhouette. The font size increased for more visibility. In this version the silhouette is not at dominant phase but help to focus on Baton. I hope you will like. I need you suggestion and reviews. Please look at #23

  • I like the sun on #8 better and the font is easier to read.
  • Also, to add to previous comment, maybe incorporate rays into the sun. Thanks.
  • I like the bottom design best. Could you re-submit with the baton and word 'twirlers' in black? Thanks.
  • Nice submission, however, the baton looks more like a curtain rod than an actual baton and I would like to see the words 'coast twirlers' a little more prominent.
  • Great idea to use batons for sun rays! I think it fades a little too much on the right. My concern is it would not be visible enough from a distance on a banner or jacket.
  • This looks more like a yoga pose. Would prefer not to use a silhouette.
  • This is clean and easy to read but too corporate. I'm looking for something with a little pow! Think competitive cheer type logo. High energy but not juvenile.
  • Too sleek/corporate. Need something more high energy.
  • This is a little juvenile for what I am looking for but I like your use of color. Also, if you submit again, I would like the word twirlers to be as prominent as sunshine coast. Thanks.
  • I like your use of color. Please incorporate a baton into your design.
  • I like your use of color. Could you please incorporate a baton in your design?
  • Dear CH, please give your reviews and feedback for my submission #11. Your feedback help me to understand your findings. Thanks
  • Dear CH, please check my design & appreciated feedback thanks
  • A single baton is better and I would still like to see some rays from the sun. I like the font but do not like the girl leaping mainly because her leap is not proper form. Her back leg should be straight and front toes pointed.
  • Can you put some rays on the sun and maybe use a bolder font? I like the shape of the baton and the way you used a baton for the Is.
    • Submitted #5, is that closer to what you wanted? I'm not sure about the rays myself but let me know what you think.

    • Also submitted #8 with different rays and more defined baton Is in the name than #5.

  • I like the idea of the sun on the horizon.I would like to see rays on the sun and maybe a single baton as the horizon. The single 'T' is a clever idea but i would also like to see other fonts. Thanks for your design!
  • Hi CH, I submitted one more new design #1, feedback appreciated to make it more perfect for you.
    • Your second submission is not showing on the page. Please submit again. Thanks.

  • Hi, it appears you may have removed some of your designs. Please repost as we are still interested ! Thank you !