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Winning design #216 by Axl, Logo Design for Logo Design for UrbanFarmTech.com Contest
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designed by Axl

Project description

Looking for a logo that will be very modern and slick, my favorite logos are very simple. Will most likely be shown on a white background on the webstore. I may even be interested in even a vector logo if it is original, but It may be the combination of vector with a simple graphic. I am open to different colors.

I will be extending this contest another week, because really anyone in my top 12 could win this contest right now with a few minor changes or even a new original design. here are some tips of design elements I like:
-shine on font
-water droplets on or underneath
-glass like reflection below the font
-colors like the top 20 entries
- very simple graphic see those in my top 12 (pic doesnt have to be symbolic) see some of the simple graphics that i posted in my examples. Kinda bored of the leaf thing except in #124 i like it.
- Looking for a logo with quality caliber of those those I ranked in the top 12. (i could choose any of these right now)
- great font, web 2.0 look, I like the shadows (will be a white website)
- if your logo is not in the top 20, i am not that interested unless they were changed significantly. Thanks so much!

I want it to be simple, and to communicate "cool gear, professional product" yet not be too corporate that you cannot connect with it. You guys are great!!

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  • You copied a design found here http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/72588 logos are require to be 100% your on work http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-design-for-urbanfarmtech.com/entry/10/report
  • Dear CH My entry #4 for some reason the main text is cutten at the bottom. The design is open to realy many possibilities and this is just a preview. The color palette is reduced to black and grey plus three greens. I tried to be extremely simple in the design but in the same moment give the right message. I hope is intresting for you.
  • This has potential, but the leaves need something
  • I really like this, is there a bit of a graphic we can add
  • I would like to see some different color schemes
  • I posted some examples. I am leaning on the ones that are designed around the words, with some with small simple graphics. But if the graphic is super cool, I still may choose it. My favorites so far are 5,6,9,21,26. I think i really like the color schemes in the examples i posted too. That grey and whatever else goes with it.
  • Sorry for the technical issue. I was in a rush and didn't realize the image was in CMYK mode. Please refer to entry #29 for the right colors. Thank you.
  • Dear CH My revisited entries are #51 and #52. I can again incorporate the buildings as in #4 moving up the plant and replacing the original "R". I've done a new revision in #60
  • CH: urbanfarmtech Here is a new submission. I used the words of your company to allow the company name to hit home and used the wet leaf graphic along with it.
  • CH: Here is a new design. Has that green flavor with a cool type treatment. I hope you like it!
  • Dear CH, I made new color scheme at #50 and #53. thank u
  • Entry #120 is the main logo and entry #121 is a variation in black over white background, it works very well in white on black or dark backgrounds, but I can't sumbmit a version in white only if you ask me to... otherwise I'll break "designcontest policies". VPR Studio.
  • Dear CH These are my revisited entries #118 #119 I've semplified them.
  • Dear, #104 and #103 are revisons of submit #79 - I have changed a font into kind of technical one, and slightly changed the image on #104. Although - image simplifies sun, mountain, meadows and clear rivers. Thanks you for feedback. Regards.
  • This has real potential. keep the first font, bold the second font add a shadow, and come up with a completely new graphic. thanks!!
  • possibly a different font. i like the pic
  • Hi, I uploaded 2 logos #137 and #125. The rectangle from the logo represents an urban building. Hope you'll like it! Thank you, dthais
  • DEAR CH Thank you for your advice about #89. I made a new version. Hope you like it. Shadow works best with a white background. Thanks, Anni
  • #170 I realize that this design is totally NOT what you were asking for, but the image came to mind and it was fun to create it. Besides, there were too many leaf logos and water droplets already!
  • CH: urbanfarmtech.com Where can I find the examples you posted?