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Thank you for a successful logo design contest. Sihem was very responsive and patient with all of our changes and requests. Nice work!

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Winning design #249 by SIHEM, Logo Design for Logo Design - Healthcare Contest
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designed by SIHEM

Project description

Need a logo for a healthcare online network that is mostly focused on advertising jobs in all medical fields. The logo will be primarily used for the company website, however it could be used in print as well. I am providing little direction on the look and feel because I want you to interpret the name into a design. The logo should incorporate the name: Healthcare Professions Network. The logo needs to be flexible so that member websites can use a variation of the logo. An example of a member website name is: Senior Living Professions Network. I would like to see mock-ups of both the main logo and the member site versions. The final requirement will be: Main logo and 5 member site logo variations. (I will submit the names of the member sites when we lock the main logo). The graphic quality needs to be very high and professional. The graphics code is required at the completion of the contest. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for your interest!! Good luck!

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  • Nice job! Can we make the e slightly smaller? Also please submit a mockup for the member websites. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, By your request, here's 4 colors combination of my work- #23, #24, #25 & #26. Any changes please request. Thanks.
  • very cool. nice job. We think too much blue maybe change NETWORK color or play around with all colors? e is cool but not totally in love with the exact graphic but on the right track. thank you for submitting this idea. very nice work.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for the positive feedback about #12 & #13 , #14 is my new concept, hope you like it. Thanks
  • Good overall. Thank you. We are not liking the cross too much because it is too related to the Red Cross Society. Maybe think about a different symbol but right direction and colors. Nice work!
  • Designers - Name Change - Please change the name to Healthcare Professions eNetwork. Feel free get creative with how we play with the "e" which indicates this network is an online network. font, color, etc. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your feedback! this helps me to deliver the best for you, i will work on it more. I've submitted the white background #10 Thank you
  • Would like to see this on white background. Thank you.
  • Hi. Thank you for the entry. Generally like it. Including a graphic is good and agree with including a graphic to make it pop with some color and not be too boring, but this particular graphic is not working for us - makes it look a little too female oriented??. Maybe a different symbol related to healthcare? Also we would like to see how you would handle the variations for the member websites. Color choices are good, can we see a couple variations just to compare? Maybe one with dark blue included? Thank you! Nice job.
  • Please have a look at my Design #6, looking for your feedback. PS. we can change colors. Thanks
  • Thanks CH, Your feedback is enough to create great designs. Coming soon! Warm Regards -Anil
  • Hi Chrisbill - Thank you for your entries. Although they are well coordinated we are looking for a higher quality and unique font, colors that are vibrant but not too loud and the inclusion of a cool graphic. Thanks!!
  • About #62 : You can observe how the Parent and Member sites are matching to each other. Any Alteration can be done ! feedback.
  • Hello CH, Revisions of my designs are submitted, you can see all the six logos together here #62. _ I used a medical cross in illustration mode to relate the whole design is all about medical services. Used [e] smartly with network and chose the light medical pattern suitable with text and its taste. I hope you like it - Thank you! ANIL
  • Hi. Thank you for the new look. I like the main site logo, but struggling with these member sites a little. This version is too tall and would like to keep it to generally the same deminsions as the main site logo. I think we need to reduce the font size and try to squeeze physician & surgeon professions into two lines max. If you have any cute ideas for a graphic add specific to each member site logo that would be great - but lets settle on this one before moving to the other member site logos.
  • Dear CH, The font for Physician & Surgeon Professions was not using same font like main logo is because i afraid it's too complicated when that's many wording together.
  • Thanks for the new format. I think the Physician & Surgeon Professions needs to be appear more connected/same font. And can we use the same font style as you did for HPN in the main logo?
  • yes that size looks like a better proportion thank you. I look forward to your other revisions so we can conclude the contest. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, #48 as requested revision to have the "e" smaller, hope this is what you looking for. Thanks
  • Hi. Thank you for your new ideas. I think on the member site logos we should try this as a suggestion. Delete PSP and the stethoscope graphic. Keep Physician & Surgeon Professions line. Re-thinking how to use eNetwork and keep member of....line. On all versions include the main logo I think the e is too large. Thank you for trying these changes and presenting some new ideas.