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Design Contest was such a great experience. It was almost addicting to log on to find out what other designs had come in and which part of the world it came from. We received over 200 ideas which made it very hard to choose just one. I will absolutely refer this site to others looking for anything that has to do with design! Thank you all very much!!


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Winning design #136 by jimmynagi, Logo Design for Logo design so that I can start a website Contest
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designed by jimmynagi

Project description

We currently use a small portion of a bee hive as our logo - but this is not necessary in your design.

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  • I don't think we want to use the bumble bee in the logo - we like the bee thought to be in the background. Thank you!
  • DEAR CH, i had posted my entry #53, i had colored "bee" in green because the theme of logo is related to environment!!! thanx.
  • I really liked the play on the initials and it's uniqueness, so I designed this stylized bee in it's environment. Look forward to your feedback.
  • This is in my top 3. love the science.
  • Can I see the lettering smaller and the 3D image showing a little more brown color? I am really liking this one!
  • MJW
    #50 Thanks for considering my submission!
  • #49, I decided to go for a solid font for the engineering part and then to show through the graphic how you turn bad(red) into good (green), please let me know what you think. thanks
  • Hi again, Hope this appeals to you more, Your feedback is greatly appreciated Thanks Nick
  • Thankyou for your feedback, I will re-do the colour scheme and work on it some more Thanks Nick
  • Would love to hear feedback on #17 and #18
  • I love that you brought in science, water and earth.
  • i like this.
  • This is very similar to what we currently have - I am just finding it hard to use this color. I really like the the blues and greens and browns.
  • What if you put the 3D image to the side and change the lettering to the brown and gold - maybe a transition in the colors? Just a thought.
  • Hello, If this is not a soft enough font I'll gladly have another go at it. Feedback appreciated! - Rich
  • Hi, Feedback on this design would be appreciated, is it on the lines of what your looking for? Thanks Nick.
  • THIS SITE IS GREAT! I LOVE ALL THE IDEAS!!! I thought it might help if I let you know my thoughts. I like the designs that incorporate the science aspect, water and earth more so than the pictures of the honey bees. I think of BEE windows (a local window company) when I see the bee. I need the bee thought to be in the background if it is there. When I submit my contest for the website - I will want water and soil to be in the header portion. Thank you so much - again I love this site!
  • hi there, and what about my #9 ? thanks for feedback´in, PVC
  • I like this. Can I see Burns in all caps and possibly a little smaller font size. But I do I this design
  • I really like the 3D effect of the hive part - but not about the colors of the lettering of this one