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Winning design #122 by like an angel, Logo Design for Logo Facelift for Progressive Law Firm Contest
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designed by like an angel

Project description

We are looking to add a more professional quality to our exisiting logo which can be found on our websites. We wish to stick with the existing colours (or something close). As you will see, the logo must be interchangeable with both Business Law Group and Real Estate Law Group. The logo may or may not contain the tag lines at the designor's discretion.

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  • i have other option on my entry #58 hope you like it..
  • here is my new entry, i'm happy that you like my design :) i revised the #56 on the puzzle color. i change the colors on the Business and Real Estate puzzle logo to have a distinction with the Business and Real Estate. Thank you CH
  • There we go. Centered Business. I hope you don't mind but I also fixed up the alignment of the word GROUP and its lines surrounding because I noticed it wasn't 'quite' centered. Should be better now.
  • Yes, I am interested in seeing other options like this one. If we decide to stick with a close match to out existing, then 52 will take it. I think the spacing of the word business needs some more work here too. I also think your comments about gradient are need to be made too. Thanks
  • Nice.
  • I agree the logos should be the same length. Can you just centre the word "business" over the space without changing the spacing? If I provide comments on #38 can you repost #53 as its revision?
  • I made the letters of Business spread out. The original intention was to make sure that the layout of both logos were the same and that they had a constant width. This helps with layouts and placement on identical business cards/letterhead/etc.
  • I like the three dimensional quality of the graphic. A nice design!
  • A really nice spruce up of our existing logo and one of our favorites. I also liked #53 very much but accidentally rejected it. I have contacted support to have it replaced. I would like to see this logo with the lettering in the word "Business" with less spaces. I will provide my comments on 53 when it get replaced.
  • here is my revised on #41 i decreased the font and i change the other name with Real Estate and also i increased the depth of the 3D puzzle.. thank you CH for the comments :)
  • Playing with the multiple puzzle piece concept as I wait for your word on the previous entry that is closer fit to your old logo. I note you said you want some other options for the graphic portion of #22 and whether or not that means you want to see it played around with as it is, as a concept, or didnt want that look for the graphic at all was unclear to me. I turned around, not to be "fun" but so as to create a "diamond" to symbolize quality. EDIT: It occurs to me the blue gradient isnt facing the right way. My apologies. I can change that if you desire.
  • Hello BLGLAW Thanks alot for your feedback.. here i've tried to give some 3D feel to the graphic. - in #51 i've added little dimension with shade effect that add depth to the design. Hope you like the revisions . Kindly let me know if you need any further modifications Regard, Selma
  • @Contest Holder: Sorry but I accidentally forgot to change the slight tint in the LAW gradient of the Real Estate version to green. Its currently blue. I can change that but for now I'll wait till further word on any other revisions. Also are you leaning more towards the newer logo concept graphics? or are you still more focused on the logo looking like your old logo? Getting a little confused by that.
  • Took me awhile but I finally found what I believe is close to the font of #22.
  • @Contest Holder: Do you also want the word group and the lines in my submission to be closer to #22 as well?
  • And #47, new design. Second is playing with the colors.
  • We are leaning strongly to the layout and style of #22, but would like to see some other options for the graphic portion of the logo. Altogether new ideas should focus on keeping the logo simple and linear.
  • This is a definite frontrunner. I would like to see some slight refinements to the graphic portion of the logo. Please send revisions.
  • i prefer your #35
  • I prefer your #41