Logo for a band called 'Supernatural Heroes'

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Winning design #67 by AshleyH, Logo Design for Logo for a band called 'Supernatural Heroes' Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AshleyH

Project description

Our band needs a good looking logo which a super hero would wear on his costume. For example: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Flash, ...
- We prefer to have the name present in the logo. If this is too difficult, the initials "SH" must be present at the very least. If possible, present a single logo with only the initials and a secondary logo which also holds the full name.
- Not required, but if possible, put a musical symbol (a guitar, microphone, drum sticks, musical note, ...) in the logo so people will see these heroes have something to do with music
- Please use black as background (#000)
- Use these colours in the logo: #bc2026 (red) and #FFF (white)
- The band wants to have a legacy symbol from the previous logo in it. Please use a triangle in the logo as shown in the draft drawing I've uploaded as example.

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  • I like this one better then #6. The initials are more readable with the use of 2 different colors... I'm not very fond of the blue color but that's easily fixed!
  • about #5 thankyou for your comment I will work on it
  • Too agressive, might be better suited for a metal band of some sorts...
  • I like the positioning of the initials, but the flames are too agressive to my taste.
  • The first thing that came to mind in this logo is 'Air force' and not 'the guy who saves the day'... Not a bad logo though
  • I could probably use both logos... this logo is better suited for smallprint, ie watermark on photos
  • I like this logo best so far... But you used a space metal guitar, which isnt representative for our band. Google for 'Gibson Les Paul' or 'Fender strat' to find more suitable form factors of a guitar... Good work!
  • Not really what I'm looking for, and those thin lines will probably cause problems when I need a small image of the logo...
  • Awesome artwork, well done! However, I think this is a bit too overwhelming for a logo... Sorry!
  • Hi CH, the smaller circle to the left doesn't really have any significance other than to make the overall shape a little more unique. I was vaugely thinking a stylized planetoid and it's moon. I will try to incorporate something musical into the emblem.
  • Hey CH, In my designs #29 and #30 I tried to go for something similar to something a music superhero might wear on their chest. Hope you enjoy it!
  • About #22 #23 #24 Studiolion, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous remark. With "too much" I mean that the whole of 3 different parts (logo, initials & full name) is taking too much room. Maybe you could replace the initials with the logo, so the logo is next to the full name... Or, use the initials in the logo and put the name underneath (similar to #18 or #26) About #26 #27 #28 It's already much better then #2. I feel like I want to put it on a huge skylight, similar to the Batman-signal! ;-) Can you explain what the left circle is about ? Also, I seem to be missing a musical reference in the logo...
  • #26, #27, & #28 - I tried to give the feeling of a superhero insignia that would be found on said hero's costume.
  • Dear CH, #22 #23 #24 I tried to design the concept in a different way. Thanks SL
  • The initials and the text font are nice, good colors, but the combination of everything is a bit "too much".
  • Not really what we're looking for...
  • helo CH, my design #16 & #17 please letme know your feedback thank you
  • Very well designed, thanks! However, I think the thin line may cause issues. Could you maybe make it thicker, or even use a different and solid color ?
  • Very creative design, thanks for your submission! I prefer the white guy over the yellow guy, but I like the font of #10 more...
  • #64 kinda clean and #65 kinda dirty. .