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Winning design #99 by Aaronik, Logo Design for Logo for a company that teaches teens about business Contest
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designed by Aaronik

Project description

We need a logo that is distinctive and that balances teen appeal with the serious field of financial education.

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  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Only one is allowed. Thank you
  • Here's a combined revision of #12 and #16 that incorporates with the money color green. hope this means something also for you. Thank You!
  • How about a logo that incorporates something from the dollar bill, like the pyramid or other icon that woulde make it be clearly identifiable as a site about finance? anyone?
  • I liked the concept at first, but now I see three things I don't like: 1) the book's pages look kind of like waves, and it makes me think that the thing in the middle is being drowned by them; 2) I think teens don't use books to get information as much as older people do, so the book's-pages image might be anachronistic; 3) I don't like the colors.
  • A differet, bolder font would also help...
  • Could you put a light bulb in the girl's head and maybe color the heads a bit so I can see how it looks?
  • Sorry, I don't like the tie hanging from a dollar coin look.
  • I don't understand the color scheme. Greens would be good.
  • Sorry, I don't like the placement of the graphic, and it makes the $ sign look like a worm with a motorboard.
  • Dear CH, I have submitted my design #18. In the design i have used a graduation hat and a tie to represent a teenager. please tell me what you think :) thankyou
  • Don't like the font, and one has to look closely to see the coins.
  • This is another interesting concept, but with another strange set of colors. Can we try with the color of money, or something non-pastel?
  • Like the idea; don't like the color scheme -- reminds me of the old Miami Vice
  • I like this one. I think having some green would be good - would indicate that the company is about money and finance.
  • This one is about "learning the financial management in more strategic means". Hope you feel the idea same as i do with this. Thanks!
  • MONEY & PEN in a pocket, this simply means "Proper handling and management of money". Hope it's fits your like.
  • Contest Holder, Here is my submission, I used the speech bubble and strong font to give it a comic feel, something I thing would be appealing to teens. Looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards.
  • Dear CH: Hopefully this is in the line of what your looking for. Let me know what you think so I can be guided in the right direction. TY
  • This is good. It might be a tall order, but I'm hoping for something that also captures the "teen" element. I also need to see some alternative ideas, but this is good.