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Winning design #117 by gelai, Logo Design for Logo for a Fund Platform Contest
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designed by gelai

Project description

Logo for an Investment Fund Platform Website called "opesio" where you can compare and sign the funds. The logo has to look fresh ABSOLUTELY trustworthy! As a start we need some designs for a Logo that matches the trust criterion first and also shows a new spirit in the market. The Company name is Opesio Opesio is derived from the latin word OPES which stands for: resources, treasure, wealth, power, substance, might. Please refer to that in the logo Thanks

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  • Company name is opesio
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      info1 wrote:
      Company name is opesio
      |--| Sorry didnt see . Hope new entries with real name is good . Thanks

    • I upload a few entries with OPESIO word , please feedback. Thanks

    • Hi thank you for uploading the current drafts are not matching our imaginations. Die you read briefing that OPES is latin for wealth Funds, possessions, influence. So you better have a bank or trust in mind when thinking about what logo should present

  • I was try to implement O in design , end than I wrote fund platform , sorry.
  • Hello, i have just submitted a design for your contest, it would be really helpful if you could give me some feedback. It's design #28. Thank you.
    • Hi, thanks for uploading ,please keep in mind that logo should a bank or trust when designing so logo should be clean.

  • YAD
    hello ch,.. any feedback on my design?.. #31 thanks :)
  • Dear CH, I submitted #74 for your review..thank you. DM
  • Hi - Do you have any feedback about entry #62? Thanks.
  • Hello, I'm glad you liked my design, #50. Is there anything you'd like to change or any thoughts how I might improve it more to your liking? Best regards, lstyrman
  • Hi, thanks for you Logos. Could you please send some versions of #54 and color the O and (( in, for example, a dark orange and maybe with a gradient. Thanks
    • Hi.. thank you for your feedback , please see my new revisions #55 & #56. hope you like it. Thanks. Dinda

  • Dear CH - pls take a look at my designs #91 and #90. I'd appreciate if you let me know what you think about it. Thank you in advance. Regards.
  • Hello, I just submitted #87 and #86 any thoughts as to this concept? The symbol shows infinite trust and balance which I think would describe your company well. Let me know if there is anything else I could try. Thank you!!
  • Hi Sir, #118 design brief. 'O' stands for both earth nd investment solution that breaks on top of 'O' nd that stars stands for treasure. hope u got my idea. Waiting for your comments. Thank you Vipish TP
  • #107 Symbole represents a shovel. A tool for resources, treasure, wealth, power, substance, and might, if you'll say. Shovel is being aimed towards Opesio. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • #168 Simple, easily recognizable wordmark crossed by two parallel lines to symbolize stability and wealth, just like in the Euro, Yen and other currency symbols.
  • With the contest coming to an end soon did you have any thoughts as to my direction with the designs #86 #87 #88 , I would appreciate feedback! Thank you!
  • Dear CH - pls take a look at my designs #155, #156 and #157 . I'd appreciate if you let me know what you think about it. Thank you in advance. Regards. despolams
  • #147 Would you consider going this direction? Best Regards
  • I submitted #210 #211 #212 #214 #215 #216 #217 please let me know if there is anything I can do! Thanks!