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Winning design #79 by skwebmedia, Logo Design for Logo for a Media Agency MintSpirit Contest
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designed by skwebmedia

Project description

The logo should countain 2/3/4 colors and it should express the freshness and the sprit of its founders. We would appreciate several color options ( preferred pastel) and variations of the tagline "mintspirit", minimalistic design and typography. We would like to express: trustworthyness, competence, freshness, experience, professionality and a new spirit.

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  • Good day CH, I have submitted the designs #16 and #18. I am looking forward to your comment and any suggestions to improve the design. Thank you :)
  • Mint has several meanings , like mint condition (new) , mint - emboss, impress, stamp or fresh from the mint. Thank for your creativity
  • Hallo Buntstift, da mint mehrere Bedeutungen hat (außer Minze ) z. B Prägung & neuwertig. Wäre eine Variante Minzblätter mit dem Look einer Stempelprägung denkbar.Danke schon mal für die Kreativität.
  • tatsache »mint«, also »minze« und nicht »mind«, also »Verstand, Seele, Gewissen, Sinn...«?
  • I like the graph but the leave at the end is too much and the typo is a bit to straight forward for "spirit". We also do not use the subheadline: Minimalitsic design..... Thanks für posting you work
  • That is actually a good idea with the bird as the spirit and the wings as leaves :) The should no be so playful and pls. try a version with a smaller bird flying from left to the upper right side. Could you try a pictogramm of the bird as in #55?
  • hi CH, please view my design #55 i hope you like it, thank you.
  • Dear CH, I am the designer of #28 in your contest. I was wondering what I could do to further improve the logo to your liking. Thanks! Hannah
  • Dear CH, I have just uploaded my first design #47 . Hope you like this fresh/bold design. Please could you give me some feedback. Thank you, pgrundon
  • Yeah, thats the spirit :)
  • I actually like the designs so far but most of the contestants only focus on mint as the plant and no one focussed on the spirit so far. Is there a way to stress the SPIRIT a bit more, for example with a floating typo/calligraphy or combine the two pictogramms for mint and spirit somehow? With spirit we mean freshness and new ideas
  • I actually like the design so far but most of the constestants only focus on mint as the plant and no one focussed on the spirit so far. Is there a way to stress the SPIRIT a bit more, for example with a floating typo or calligraphy?
  • Dear CH, Please check my work. i hope you will like my concept. #119. thanks :)
  • Dear Contest Holder, I have submitted design #118 as a variation of my previous design #8. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! Best Regards, jtscreative
  • Thanks for your feedback on the colour themes. I did a new proposal #117 with 6 variations, combining grey, black, brown and different greens.
  • good work, could you use a strong green as color for the leave line and make some variations with other bulb lines (grey,black, brown and the color u used in 110 left bottom)
  • Hi Contest holder. I updated the lightbulb-inspired logo (#110). Now the flame looks more like an actual mint leaf. Of course, the possibilities are endless regarding how realistic the leaf should be. Thanks for your comments and good luck in finding the right logo for you!
  • Dear L333, could make a variation with a mint leave instead (silhouette ) of the flame in the bulb
  • Nice one, would you think it would be possible and look nice if we would place the leaf underneath he letters?
  • Hi, that Looks nice and you really created a "mintspirit" flying over The typo. Could you provide us with a variation with The SpritPicture on the left and variations oft The pictogramm please? Grüße nach österreich