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Very happy with all of the entries submitted on this campaign. It was a tough choice, but when they were all next to each other this one won.


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Winning design #176 by morabira , Logo Design for Logo for a Music Blog Contest
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designed by morabira

Project description

Looking to get a custom logo done for my Electronic Dance Music website. The name of the blog is EDM SAUCE (http://www.edmsauce.com), so I'm looking to some how incorporate sauce into the logo. I am looking for a design of a logo with text, but really want the image to stand out similar to http://www.dancingastronaut.com as the Astronaut can be used without the use of the name. I'd like an image logo or a well done edited word logo.

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  • Love the play with the sauce, but it's not fully there. Maybe something on the label of the bottle. Thanks for submitting!
  • Very rad design, although it's not enough to do with Sauce. There's a blog called The Music Ninja which this would be great for.
  • I like the use of the sauce and the tomatoes although it's not fully there.
  • Loving the play on this guy, but it hasn't fully hit me in the face yet.
  • It is much better with these colors, but still not grasping my attention for some reason. I'm going to take another look tomorrow.
  • This is definitely in the right direction. It doesn't jump out and grab me, but I like the play of Sauce with the logo.
  • EDM is known for PLUR otherwise love. I like the way you've incorporated love and the sauce together, but it may look a bit too much like blood right now. This is my 3rd best, but would love to see edits of these.
  • I love the headphones on the guy right now. You are currently tied with #1 for logos thus far. If you played off of the sauce somehow a bit more I think it'd be the best I've seen.
  • I like the idea behind the owl and the meaning behind it. I also like having a logo there. I'm not huge on the font though. This is leading the pack along with one other right now.
  • TO CH ABOUT #16. feedback would be great for this design. Thanks.
  • # 10 for my design I have chosen the image of an owl for two reasons: - Because the owl is a nocturnal animal and major electronic music events are at night. - The owl is related to the wisdom which adds to the page the meaning of master of electronic music and where you can learn a lot from this kind of music.
  • I like your take on a new style into the mix and having the sauce be dripping onto the words.
  • I feel like it represents a bit too much of blood instead of sauce and it's more a blown off brain. My other writer loves it, but I'm going to have to pass. Thanks for submitting though!
  • I love the use of your own font, but I feel sauce needs to be more fluid than rough. Thanks for submitting!
  • This is one of the most creative logos I've seen. I wanted something representing sauce, but this is so cool I'm keeping it as one of my favorites.
  • I really dig your design here, but if there's any way you can incorporate 'sauce' into it, that'd be sick.
  • To ch about #61. I hoping this catches your eye. I came up with a saucey character with head phones and added the sauce to the text to match. feedback would be great. Thanks
  • Dear CH, Pls check my design entry #59. I hope you like it, your feedback is much appreciate. thank you. Best Regards, Finestroke
  • Hello, I have submitted #54 entry, I will be waiting for your feedback, the font is completely hand made and I hope that you will like the logo too, font itself can be used as logo without the picture that I designed, feedback will be appreciated, Have a nice day :) Thanks
  • About #47 & #48 Dear CH This is my entries for you, concept is that on any music blog some people like it and some don't and my entry represented both of them, I also try to play with sauce as you say in your earlier comments. Love to hear any feedback from your side Thanks & Regards javed