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Winning design #138 by acdcparry, Logo Design for Logo for a night club (EPIC) Contest
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designed by acdcparry

Project description

Hello there. We need a logo for our soon to open night club. Our night club's interiour design is not as the typical high glossy luxurious designs that you would find on google when searching for night club, we have used more wood in it, to create a "rough" feeling. Our target customers are students, so young and smart people, with not too much money to spend, and thus we didnt want to create an expensive looking environment. In the age of 21+. In our logo we are looking for the word "EPIC", and a symbol that we could use for our marketing. The symbol could be a dancing puppet, or flying nerd glasses, or whatever else you can imagine, that would fit within this story. Please don't only focuss on nerd glasses or a dancing puppet, its just a simple thought of mine, it could be anything else. I added an example that was made for another club concept, its a simple doll, but its looking OK, this is a different concept and we need something new, even though the puppet may be used (without the plus sign, because that was for "medic". The end result is what counts, so you are free to use whatever you like in the logo. Thats all for now, if I feel like new directions are to be given, I will update this page. I thank everybody that will join our contest, no matter the outcome, I appreciate your time and effort.

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  • Hi, I have just submitted my design, #7. Feel free to give me any feedback if you have any changes you would like to make. Thank you! - James
  • dear CH please check my design #6 hope you like it Have a Good Day :)
  • His name's Verbal. Verbal Kint. Roger! I have just submitted som logos for you to see. #1, #2 Hope you like it, its for the nerds! andr+e
  • Hello CH, I just submit my design #25 can you give me some feedback? Thanks!
  • Hi CH, Can this contest be blind? So that copying of concepts and designs will happen Thanks wengcharl
  • Logo looks too playfull, our customers are 21+, thanks for the input.
  • Hello CH, I just submit my new design can you check it out its #39 Thanks,
  • People thanks for all the input, but please don't only use the nerd glass idea, use speakers, or a music symbol, or anything else that has to do with the nightclub scene rather then only focussing on the glasses. Thank you.
  • For #34 Hi I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my design. Thanks
  • DM3
    Yes, I agree with the blind contest. I submitted #32. cheers!
  • DEAR CH, Pls. check my designs #27,#28,#29,#30,#31..hope you like it..thanks
  • hi ch, please blind the contest, so that originality in the design will occur, thanks. Best Regards, Alvinnavarra
  • Hi CH, I submitted #51 and #52. Both a icons related to music. One is an icon of a headphone and the other represents soundwaves. I've maintained black for the color as I think different colored application of the logo can be fun when applied to the interior or any other deco in your club. I would appreciate your input. Thanks.
  • dear ch, please see my design #63, i will be happy to make any changes best regards, trollninja
  • Hi CH, Please check out my entries #67, #68, #69 Cheers, Parry
  • Please people, don't use the "PI" key. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Let me know what you think of entry #80, also I just uploaded #81 which is based on a guitar pick. The idea came from a play on words... pick/epic. Andrei
  • #98 the raised eyebrow over the specs of student depicting their cool attitude.
  • Please comment over #69 It would help me getting to the point and get you the best logo. Cheers, Parry
  • Hi CH, Here is my design #90 Simple and clean but with something that characterizes the logo (crown). Tell me what do you think, I hope you like