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Winning design #142 by MBdesign, Logo Design for Logo for a Software & Game Development Company Contest
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designed by MBdesign

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our company. As mentioned, we would like to focus on the "Ninja" theme to express the expertise to associate with our company. What we also would like to achieve with the logo is to express the "easy going" / "friendly" traits.

Things to keep in mind:

* No "serious ninja" drawings
* No violence / blood etc...

* The company name "Ninjit" must be included in the logo - preferred as "NinjIT", but if you have some really cool design, we are open to suggestions.
* The logo is to be associated with "easy going" / "friendly", but not too "goofy" - we still want to give the impression of expertise / professionalism.
* Preferably a ninja of some sort to be included - however keep in mind "not too serious" - keep it friendly but not goofy.
* Not a requirement to have a ninja in the logo

Some inspiration:

* http://www.minininjas.com/us/#/characters/NINJA1 - see this site for the feel of "easy going ninjas", though a bit too "goofy" :)

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  • Hi CH, I've submitted #98, #99. I'd really appreciate your opinion about it, thanks.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requeste by Ch. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-a-software-game-development-company-2270/entry/62/report
  • About #72 This is simply a revision of #64. I felt adding a shuriken would make it stand out more
  • Only now I realize that the name of your company is NinjIT and not NinjaIT... I'm sorry! Please ignore designs #40 and #57 (LOL). Thanks
  • clipart not allowed the art is found here http://img1.mlstatic.com/s_MLM_v_O_f_61153306_767.jpg
  • This is a simplier version of #40 in terms of colours... the gradients on the first were exagerated, I think. Hope you don't find the ninja drawing very agressive - the idea is to transmite speed and efficience... just like your company!
  • this is my very first project on this site need ur comments to improve my work thanks I've also submitted #30 & #31
  • It's not based on voting - we will chose a logo we like, however I will try to update the "scores" on the logos and give some general impressions from time to time (telling what we like / would prefer etc...), however don't read into the scores too much. It's also a way for us to keep track on which logos we have evaluated. Thank you
  • Hi everyone, it's fantastic to see that so many are intrested in the contest! :) As to the format, it's obviously important to follow the rules of DesignContest.com - personally it's important to us that we can somewhat resize / change background color of the logos, since it will be used on the web but also on contact / visiting cards. Now lets get to some thoughts on the entries: #32, #33, #34 - We like that you read the briefing and took some inspiration given the website we linked to - good job :) As to the logos, we like the font which gives the kind of "easy going" feel but still a "clean" look and feel to it. Not sure about the "ninjas" (keep in mind that we don't know ourselves exactly what we are looking for regarding the ninjas) - It would be nice to make the "IT" distinguished from the rest, perhaps some change in color? #21 - We like the ninja hiding behind the "ji" part, very clever and nice details with the fingers on the "n" :) - we would however prefer some other font, a bit "cleaner" font. #35 - We like the "cut" through the text there, kind of gives us the feel of "professionalism". Thank you
  • @Shailez, I may not be the contest holder but, It is a strict rule on this site that "All logos on DesignContest.com must be created in vector format" We all agree on that when we read the brief.... Jctoledo
  • Dear contest holder for your logo I have got something to ask if I make your logo in Photoshop will it be accepted, if your answer is big no than sorry for my asking in the comment. Yes I did ask you this question as you subject of logo in concern to games and Ninja What I prefer to say is that I will give a golden shine look your your logo if I could get an oppertunity to make a logo, it will not just be like a golden colour but also like a golden glass like shining look, I have done that type of work in my previous work but skills and high classy designs were rejected saying its a girly look, but in todays world looking to future, the new trend is a must done, my work will not be scaned copy but purely work done in photoshop. I have found the secrets of working in style of designs, that not all the artist can do it.
  • Multiple designs per entry is not allowed unless requested by contest holder.
  • I didn't add a ninja because I didn't know where it would fit. But the shurikens are ninja-related.
  • Hi everyone, thank you all for your submissions, I was surprised to see how many entries we got! :) First off, let me just point out that the rating I'm setting for the entries doesn't imply anything on the quality of the logos, it's just a measurement of which logos we think might be in the right direction. Some pointers on the direction we are looking for: * Keep in mind that this is a logo for software development / consulting - not only game development. Therefore we would like to keep the logo somewhat "clean" - not "too much" of the ninja theme. * Preferrably a "clean" font, with not too much "details". We want the NinjIT to be "easily distinguished" in the logo. * No "big" / "serious" ninja / weapon drawings * Colors - it's seems that we rather like the "bluish" color scheme best for the logos so far. (not to say that no other is acceptable) JDsingh: #30 & #31 - a bit too much "details" and ninja theme :) we would like a more "clean" logo. #55 - much closer into the direction we want the logo, however we would like to have a font closer to something like #33. JohnnyN: We were just joking about that one - we would prefer the correct company name :) - who knows, we might get sued by Ninja IT otherwise ;) #40 & #64 - a bit too much "ninja" over the logo, we would like the font to be more "clean" but also less gradients. Shervell: #72 - it's a cool logo, however it's a bit too much "arcade gaming" :) - we would like the logo to be "cleaner", more into "business" side, but still showing that we are an easy going company. xmaimo: #98 & #99 - intresting design, however we want the NinjIT part to be easier to distinguish from the logos. #120 & #121 - while not immediately showing off, they are actually "growing on us" - the logos give a nice IT feel to them, we like the colouring in #120 better. Not sure it would fit with a ninja somewhere there too, or if it would ruin the design. cad: #107 - we like the ninja there, it's not too serious but still kind of "fun" :) - however we would rather have some other color than black / red and it would be nice to get more of an IT feeling for the logo too. If I've missed some comments, please bear with me... theres loads to review and comment on, duh :) I'll try to do these short "reviews" every other day or so. Thank you,
  • Hello CH. I think this represents both fun and strong company.Hope it's close to your vision.Regards.
  • About #116 Again, Just another revision :)The drop shadow just seemed like a nice touch.
  • Thanks CH for your comments regarding #32 , #33 , #34 - glad to know something was right :) I try to develop the idea a little further and come back in a while.
  • Dear CH About #110 and #111, hope this not to goofy for you. If any improvement you want, just ask me. Thanks
  • cad
    Dear CH, I have created #106, #107 and #108. It's simple and communicative logo. I hope you like it...
  • Hi, I'm sorry that I won't be able to rate and give any comments today - I'll make sure to take the time tomorrow again, I'll also have another look at the previous entries again. Thank you for your patience and for the many great entries!