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Winning design #195 by chandru2012, Logo Design for Logo for a Software & Game Development Company Contest
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designed by chandru2012

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our company. The rather abstract nature of our business makes it hard to find any stock solutions and we felt that we needed a more tailored logo. As our company is much about finding inpiration of new ideas and tapping into the creative side of people - we rather like the idea of design contest and decided to try it out. Some keywords that may be of help: software, games, creativity, inpiring, consultant, realization, sharp, delighting, originality, new, revelation/actualization, play, anticipation, excitement, discovery, quality. Constraints: - Using capitalized letters in the company name is not a requirement (e.g. either of: ex makina, EX MAKINA, Ex Makina, is fine). - Although nature of our company may be playful (as in we create games) we don't want the logo to look childish/unserious. - Feel free to use this font: "http://www.linotype.com/670084/Arian-family.html" in your design (optional)

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  • I've submitted four variations of this logo so far. Basically the idea behind it is that something has ripped through your monitor (the machine), leaving an "X" like paper tear in its wake. The binary code around the tear actually translates as the words "Ex Makina" over and over again, and serves to further emphasize that the torn medium was technological.
  • A slight difference between #37 and #38 with the X included or not and the minor difference in the title itself.
  • Greeting CH, Since its a Software and a Game firm, I wanted to give the audience a challenge logo, fun, and clean. Kindly find the EX emblem, Hint: the "E" got the white and the X got the gray.:) Regards
  • Dear CH, I'm Going for a simple design which conveys both technology and futuristic concepts through the use of typography, with a touch of fun and human side to it all through the use of the smiling face symbol. Regards
  • Ok, sorry I just try to create some effects. Erase that and I send you a sameone! Sorry for my mistake
  • it's not allowed to use colored background unless requested by contest holder.
  • it's not allowed to use colored background unless requested by contest holder.
  • Good day exmakina. Here's my initial thought on the project. Wanted to present something out of the box. Thanx for the opportunity to present my ideas!
  • Dear CH, This is a refined version of #163. I added some glossy 3D effects with reflection and more accurate embosses. Reflection is optional. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, This entry and #158 represent literally the meaning of the "ex makina" and has a strong association with gaming, perpetual power (think about X as a reactor) and success. Thank you
  • #130 Greetings, this is my concept for your company, it's clean, professional and easily identifiable as a state of the art game development company. Thank you! #152 Another variation. #153 With tag.
  • #98, my second design. using fun robotic character. still using 3 color, green, deep yellow and black outline. the font i made, square with so it seem future and elegant. thanks
  • dear CH, please check #96. i made it in only three colors, deep green, deep yellow and black, represent futute. its elegant, simple and memorable.
  • The logo uses rays of RGB colors coming out of a computer screen. The computer and keyboard form an 'e' and the rays out form an 'M', I began sketching with a Jack-in-the-box idea, so the rays kind of resemble a joker's hat, symbolizing fun and games. The RGB colors are basic computer-related colors, and if you watch closely the rays inside the screen form the silhouette of a castle. The logo can be used with or without the exMakina text.
  • #70 and #71 are slight alterations to #37 and #38 with a different font choice, shrinked graphic and less boxes. The two show the difference between having the X under the box and not, as well as one using a different colour choice.
  • segue minha última proposta, enviei as variações para fundos positivos e negativos, com o logotipo colorido e preto e branco. following my last proposal, I sent the changes back to positive and negative, with the logo color and black and white: #317, #318, #319, #320
  • Dear CH, My new design concept. This icon has a bold, clean and corporate look, has a strong typography and cute icon (which could be used also as a mascot in the future). Thank you
  • about #278 Hi CH, I have submitted this new work with same color combination as in my previous work #100 .I thought to emphasis on the font rather than a separate logo regards, ENCORE
  • Entries are given a preliminary rating based on first impressions (10-70). We will be going through each and every entry again in at the end of the contest and give a more accurate assessment.