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Winning design #90 by MoTau, Logo Design for Logo for a Thai restaurant Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MoTau

Project description

I need a logo for a Thaï restaurant serving traditional thaï cuisine. The restaurant is based in France.

The name is : Soï Siam
tagline: Restaurant thaïlandais

  1. It has to be immediately visible that the logo is referenced to Thai culture.
  2. The logo needs to be usable on a horizontal billboard. A vertical variation is possible.
  3. The logo needs to include a reference to the RAMAKIEN (the Thai national epic), possibly a visual representation of a mythical character such as: Garuda, Hanuman, Yaksha or Khrut.

For inspiration, you can see the attached visuals.

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  • Feel free to ask for change #93
  • Feel free to ask for change #92
  • Can you post your design in 2D versions, thanks? #65
    • @Vlad06 please cek for new post 2D version

  • 2D version #88
  • 2D version #87
  • Thanks for feedback.. here is your request for 2D version. Feel free to ask for revision #86
  • Please give me your feedback #83
  • Here's how it looks like on the store hanging wall sign mockup, I hope that you like it... @Vlad06 #79
  • This is how I've designed a logo for your restaurant, I'am on your disposal for modifications if needed, please feel free to contact me @Vlad06 #78

  • I hope according to you wishes #67
    Best Regard

  • I hope according to you wishes #66
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  • Soi Siam #42
  • I hope you like it #53
  • About #9, @Vlad06
    Ok i will revision my design Sir
  • Light (source) / sun illustrates the idea of ideas, creativity, inspiration, life, influence, energy and strength etc.
  • would it be possible to see this one with a garuda ? #12
  • I think this is a bit too simple and doesn't really remind of the Thai imagery