logo for an association for corona information exchange


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Winning design #233 by hamid21, Logo Design for logo for an association for corona information exchange Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hamid21

Project description

we are looking for a logo for a none profit organisation supporting companies to connect and exchange information. ideas for icons in the logo: virus, "i" for Information, help. the text in the logo "Coronainfo Mittelstand". the font should be black or grey, the icons can go into the red area.

please make a mix of icons, not only virus. we want to show that we help business people when they have virus problems in their company.
we want to help, so an icon could also be a health icon in combination with virus

Maybe it could also be good to have a virus icon in combination with an „i“ like an information point. 

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  • can you please make a version with an "i" in the middle ? stands for iofrmation.
    please one more version with logo left and text right
    • @fastweb2 Hello, Sir Thanks for loving my design. I already did your requirement concept. but the contest ends. If you choose me as a winner I can do anything for you until you are satisfied.

    • @fastweb2 sir I wait for your good feedback.please sir<3

  • can you make the text "info" in red ?
    • @fastweb2 here sir #264

  • I hope like it and it is color and text editable logo. Thanks #261
  • Sir color editable logo and text editable logo. I hope like it, Thanks #259
  • Revision 2 with golden ratio application between logo size and text size #234
  • Revision 1 as your instruction on comment #233
  • Hi, Could you check about one this. Thank you #231
  • can you please rebuild this logo combination? i think that shoiuld be fine like this :
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/emkake75l8ou07k/cim-logo.jpg?dl=0 #173
    • @fastweb2 of course sir, i will upload it may be at 17:00 pm GMT +7 time

  • Please your feedback. #224
  • another option in dark background. thank you for your comments. #222
  • here's a third option. thank you for your comment #221
  • This is my another concept. A very simple coronavirus+"i". Any feedback will be apreciated, thanks. #193
  • Hi, this is my concept. Any feedback will be apreciated, thanks #190
  • Hi,
    please check it and give your feedback.
    Thank you #188
  • Updated. Thanks. #187
  • cek desain saya. #180
  • Here your request sir @fastweb2 #173
  • Hi,
    please check it and give your feedback.
    Thank you.. #169
  • Hi,
    Please check and give your feedback.
    Thank you #168
  • О дизайне #166, @olgert