Logo for an environmental diesel exhaust filter cleaning company

The final design that we choose was not what we originally had in our minds. The amount of talent that supplied ideas was wonderful. Overall a very positive experience and we will definitely by using degigncontest.com again in the future.

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Winning design #173 by MANGALECX, Logo Design for Logo for an environmental diesel exhaust filter cleaning company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MANGALECX

Project description

DPF Medic is looking for a new iconic logo. DPF Medic was born with the idea that a medic was a temporary fix, giving the customer a reminder that cleanings needed to be done yearly. We would like the medic idea as the focal point of the logo with environmental undertones. We like the idea of using a leaf, the earth, or the recycle logo somehow. We would like the logo to be used either with or without the name attached. We would also like to see the logo shown in some 3d effects. We like the X-box logo look.

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  • #51 is a cleaner version of #22. I resized the cross, added DPF into the logo in case you'd want to eliminate the medic inc. And I fixed up the shading.
  • I changed #24 to #50. I moved the lettering so the logo can be used alone if needed. And I changed the shade of the green a bit and resized the cross. Anything else, let me know, thanks.
  • Good day CH. I've applied the revisions you requested from my earlier design. Please refer to submissions #47 & #49. Changed the color of "medic inc" into red as well as supplied you with a rotated and skewed version of the icon. Thank you for the opportunity to present my work.
  • not so into blue.
  • looking for an iconic logo. Not so mush with the name as the focus.
  • not into the people aspect as we are vehicles or diesel exhaust
  • Can we remove the cross and add come sort of exhaust element.
  • not blue
  • The design elements need to be as least equal
  • Not blue
  • Blue isnt the color we desire.
  • Can we see medic done in the same red and maybe a rotation of the cross.
  • We like the look but the leaves need to look more like leaves.
  • We like the idea of using the elements to create the cross. Can we have changes in color.
  • Can we see the beginning part of the swirl look more like exhaust pipes.
  • Can you change the shading on the upper part of the cross.
  • Can we see the cross at a different angle on #31 and #33
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • I have been informed that the use of a cross or a red cross is legal as long as it is original, but I would rather continue on this new idea of the elements forming a cross.