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Winning design #80 by DanaGraphics, Logo Design for Logo for Cascadia Collaborative Divorce Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DanaGraphics

Project description

We are a group of interdisciplinary professionals (lawyers, therapists, mediators and financial planners) who work with divorcing couples and children to reduce and resolve conflict. Our logo should reflect our region (the pacific northwest of the U.S.) while displaying, polish, simplicity, and tranquility, and avoiding legal cliches such as the scales of justice or people holding hands. As for a color pallete, earth tones seem appropriate -- especially greens, muted oranges and yellows, although we are open to your ideas. The logo should include our name -- Cascadia Collaborative Divorce -- and a simple, modern image to go with it. Our immediate need for the logo is for use in print advertising. It will also likely be used on our soon-to-be-redesigned website and in brochures. For more information regarding our organization, visit our out-of-date website at http://www.cascadiacollaborativedivorce.com/ For more information about collaborative practice generally, visit http://www.collaborativepractice.com/

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  • The more I look at this, the more I really like the idea. Hope you will keep working on this, experimenting.
  • update the font? more like #16? eliminate the sun? but preserve the effect of the sun. the most distant hill would be the yellowest. i would prefer brighter greens.
    • Dear CH, Left a suttle sun. Modified colors to be birghter. Hope I went in the right direction. Comments are most welcome. Regards vet87uasf

  • thanks for trying to make it lighter, though this might go a little too far in the other direction. between this and the original (which for some reason I can't find anymore) I prefer the original. this version seems diluted. maybe it needs just a slightly different color choice from the original? I also think the upper edge of the mountains should be thinner.
  • maybe the mountain and text could be a made a bit more subtle? lighter shades of blue and/or green? or a thinner horizon? the text could have a bit more dimension to it
  • more color, text that is not quite as bold. generally, most of the entries thus far seem a little dated, not quite contemporary enough
  • interested in more color, a font that is less bold, a more flowing in image..
  • Hello CH, please give feedback about my entries #2 and #3. Thank you!
    • i'm interested in a different approach. color. natural imagery.

  • interesting image, though I'm not sure what's happening in the overlapping area. the text could be lees bold, and more colorful. i'm interested in natural images as well - something suggesting mountains, evergreen trees, shades of blue.
  • i like the text. experiment with other images. rather than a map image (is that what you've done?), something more natural - mountains, trees, greens, blues
  • this is interesting. can you make "collaborative divorce" smaller than "cascadia"? add color to the text? make the text a little more slim? would be interested to see other images than the space needle, although i like your concept. nature. mountains, trees, greens...
  • CH sorry about the spelling error in #4, i have corrected it in #5. :)
  • This is interesting! Can you try a different color scheme? Maybe two different shades of green? I'd like "Collaborative Divorce" to be a larger font, and to be as long as "Cascadia" above it. I like the fonts in 33 and 25, for example.
    • Dear CH, Thanks for the detailed feedback. Please check #52 #53 . Thanks! Avinash

  • Hello! Can you give me some feedback for entry #49 or for other entry of mine to know what to do next? Thank you!
    • Thank you for your submissions! Really like your work. Not sure about the bird. It's attractive, but it doesn't quite fit our field of practice. Would like to see the mountainscape (#40) in a color other than brown. Can you also change the brown evergreen (#41 and #39) to a shade of green? I wouldn't give up on #7 either. Maybe get rid of the overlap, or somehow reconfigure it?

  • I like these colors as well. They stand out a bit more. To that end, would be curious to see how it works if you thicken the lines or otherwise give it a little more pop? Great work
    • Thanks for the feedback, please check #48. If you have more comments or suggestions I'll be glad to try more versions...

  • We'd like something other than wedding rings, thx
  • Hi! can you give feedback for #47...I used 3 different fonts
    • Looking for a more contemporary feel, more polish.

  • Can you brighten up the colors a bit? Maybe update the font so that it feels more like 33 and 25? Also, the space between "Cascadia" and "Collaborative" feels too great.
    • Thank you for the rating and the feedback. Will alter colors and change font.

  • This is nice, as is your submission for #33. While I like the simplicity and polish of this, is there any way to warm this up a bit? Feels a little bit like a tech firm.
    • Hi, thank you for your feedback. Please check #44 #45 #46. Thanks! Dana

  • Still think this mountain looks too extreme. Would be better for it to seem like a more manageable climb!
  • Wondering how this would work if the child is reduced in size somewhat?