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Winning design #133 by Hooda, Logo Design for Logo for Children's Company Contest
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designed by Hooda

Project description

The Tinkle Towel is a decorative tapestry that hangs on the wall in a baby boy's bedroom next to the changing table. It is made to protect the wall in case of an accident while the baby is getting his diaper changed. Logo should include the words Tinkle Towel. Thank you!

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  • Cyanmatt,Thank you for your design submissions and request for feedback. At this time, we don't really know what we're looking for in the design. We do know that when we see it, we'll mknow it. We have used designcontest.com for several other projects providing limited information and it has always worked out very well. We've currently rated your design at a 10. This means that it's not completely eliminated, but probably not what we're looking for in the end. I invite you to submit more of your ideas. Thanks again!
  • It would be great, if you don't just rate...but give some advice. I would love to do the right and matching Design to you, but with this less information and no comments...it's absolutly impossible. Tell me something about the typo, the colours and the idea per se. Greez matt
  • Hello Mrs. Reed, nice project and interesting product you will sell. I'm a bit sad, that you've got so less informations for me, to work with, but I've got enough babys and children in my family to know what all the mommy's think looks cool. Ask my sisters, one aunt and two girlfriends about there opinion, if it is matching Product and symbol. So...now I'm interested in your opinion. Greez matt
  • Algum feedback para melhorar o meu trabalho, outras cores, mais colorido, outras fontes. #1
  • Hi mrsvanessareed, #14 is very simple/clean/modern. Please let me know if the concept works for you or if you'd like to see different colors/fonts, etc. Thanks!!
  • hi, my design proposal at lucky-number #13 try to describing the product is for kids, and describing the baby boy covered in towel. Note : Please ignore #12, I don't know why the uploaded design has different color with the original file. Feedback aapreciated. Thanks. Ardia
  • Hi CH, Please take a look with my entry #41 .I hope you like it, thanks. Sincerely, MKH017
  • #33 and #34 Simple design done for a boy or a girl. Let me know of any changes or suggestions. Thanks
  • Hello mrsvanessareed~ I designed a couple comps for your review that feature a water droplet as an accent: #29 and #32 And a couple more with some cute tinkle sprinkles as an accent: #35 and #36 Hope you like the concepts. Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Hi "ardianet", about your comment "Note : Please ignore #12 , I don't know why the uploaded design has different color with the original file." it was probably because you uploaded it in cmyk, always change or export your design in RGB for design contest. good luck!
  • #15: Can you figure out how to a droplet somewhere in the design? Thanks!
  • The contest has now been "unblinded." Everyone should be able to see everything.
  • Hi CH, Greetings! Thank you for the ratings.. Can you provide me a feedback so that I can meet all your needs? Thanks. Hope for your kind response. Best regards, Kevin Q.
  • Hi, any feedback on #104 and #110 I'm open to any idea thanx jason
  • would like some feedback on #109 I can change colors if you like the idea. thanks!
  • Hi CH, I'd like to know your feedback about these entries #82 and #83 Best Regards, Hooda
  • Thanks for your feedback. Here is my new design which based on your comments #77 I hope you like it.
  • Hi CH, Please find entries #71 , #72 , #73 , #74 . Feedback greatly appreciated Regards SJK
  • Hi CH, Please find entries #68 , #69 , #70 . Feedback greatly appreciated, colours and fonts can be changed on request. Regards SJK
  • #20: can you change the color scheme to light blue and green (like the others) and play around with the fonts. We'd like to see a more playful font. Thanks!!