Logo for cloud base Retail Point of Sale Software

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Winning design #76 by JonMILLER, Logo Design for Logo for cloud base Retail Point of Sale Software Contest
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designed by JonMILLER

Project description

A new logo for a in the cloud based retail store point of sale software package. The theme of the new software is that it inexpensive to use, easy to use, works on any device, any time, any where. The logo should be a multi colored illustration or symbol & work well on color backgrounds (please show on black and white background). The company name is BBL Systems but should not be used in the logo. The logo should be designed to represent the software package. The software will be used in specialty formal wear apparel (weddings, party, prom) stores around the world.

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  • Check out entries #1, #2, and #3. I hope you like them.
  • Everywhere Retail everywhereretail.com Site is not up yet, but can display well on Tablets, Smartphones, MACs or PCs.
  • Software Name? Please post ASAP so I can get started. Thanks
  • Can you change "Cloud Base Point of Sale" to "Comprehensive Point of Sale" and retail to a different color.
  • Can you change #26 to Comprehensive Point of Sale
  • Hey CH, #22 is my new entry. Take a look. I think your going to love it. Thanks!
  • Nice. I like upper & Lower case lettering better and some dimension to the images.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #18 .Please check the design and give a feedback. Thanks
  • Hello. I like your design. Could you add a tag line: Comprehensive Point of Sale ? Can you make them look even closer to existing screen sizes in proportions, examples, iPad, iPhone, 16:9, 4:3.
  • Same concept of the paper, you mean? I am sorry if I might have copied the design, but wasn't this the improvement mentioned by the contest holder in the brief? I am sorry, this is my first time here. Thanks!
  • You used the same concepr as this designer.http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-cloud-base-retail-point-of-sale-software/designer/vizexmedia/ Copying is forbidden. Please, try to be ore original.
  • I like the papers icon in the cloud, can you try instead a growing profit graph. Let me see it in a green color Instead of the tagline "Cloud Based Point of Sale" please try "Comprehensive Point of Sale" I also like your #3 3D graphic. Can you make the same changes to that one as well? Thanks
  • Hi Eallen, I submitted a new design #47, please consider my design. Thanks.
  • Hi Eallen, I change the word, #44. please consider my design. Thanks.
  • The word should be comprehensive in the logo. Can you change?
  • Also the word should be comprehensive in the logo.
  • Can you move down Comprehensive Point of Sale tagline below the tail of the Y in everywhere?
  • Hi Eallen, I submitted #40, with different colors. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hey Eallen, I just submitted 2 of my concepts, #31 and #32, for you. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • You are not allow to use mock up in logo design contest, unless it is requested by the client. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-cloud-base-retail-point-of-sale-software/entry/63/report/