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Winning design #160 by ross, Logo Design for Logo for company that sells industrial racking and shelving Contest
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designed by ross

Project description

We are a company that sells industrial racking and shelving (mainly online) though our current website: www.estanteriasalmacen.com We are changing the name of our online shop, which is to be called Proestan: www.proestan.com "Pro" makes reference to "Professional" and "Estan" is the Spanish abbreviation of "Estanterias". Our most representative colours are blue, yellow, orange, white and grey (see current website), although the logo is not neccessarily limited to these colours. We are open to any suggestions. A slogan may be added to the Proestan logo... (E.g. Soluciones almacenaje) We are also open to any suggestions for a slogan...

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  • This steps upwards like shelves each one is wider than the one on top. Protesan is on top of the level and the shelf is under the level. So both the company and their product are level. Which shows professionalism and strength due to the words are strong.
  • An icon of "P" for Professional, and the three shelves for "E" for Estanterias. I chose a more corporate font to go on with. Thanks
  • Thanks for all the entries received so far (1 - 9)... but this is not quite what we had in mind... We are looking for a professional-looking and powerful brand name / corporate image... Thank you, and we are looking forward to receiving new entries...
  • Hi CH... here is my entry #31 & #32 just a simple concept, i just wanna show the strength in every shape of the logo, and it means the logo that i made are strong like a "Proestan" quality. hope you like it... regards, Dlight :)
  • Hi CH, About #165 I have sent another version of #114 logotype, this time with a thin size in the "PRO" and bold size in the "ESTAN", to match more the main goal of the project and give enphasis in the estanteria business. I hope you like it.
  • I like the concept of your icon, but if possible I would like to see a variation to the icon...
  • Hi Ch thank you so much for the feedback. like you said, i try to find a font just like the 134, but i can't find it. but instead i just customized other font to become similar with it. here is the revised CH, #158 #159 #160 i also add other studies. hope you like it.. thank you
  • Please try to improve the logo icon by centering the shelves. I would also like to see other colour combinations. I would also like a font similar to #134
  • Axl
    Hi designs #127 and #100 have a more corporate font and a bit more colorfull, Hope you like it, PD: Espero les guste, creo que se ilustra bien el concepto de estanteria en ambos diseños, simple y efectico a la vez que moderno.... Saludos :)
  • Stronger versions: #125, #126. I hope you like them.
  • As i said before, here it is in the #114, another version of the same logotype (#105 proposal), this time more vertical and symmetrical. I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you.
  • Hi CH, i have just submitted the #105. I have read your comments, and i really believe this is a good option for what you're looking for. I have used a square lettering with an enphasis in the "E", using also very close collors from what you use in the website. I hope you like it. I'm going to submit also a version with the "E" on the top of the lettering, to see if it works better.
  • Change slogan font to something similar to #64
  • I like the latest entries, but I would like to see more colour combinations (according to colours on our website and those specified in the briefing)... I would also like to see straighter, more industrial fonts... Thanks
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-company-that-sells-industrial-racking-and-shelving/entry/11/report
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-company-that-sells-industrial-racking-and-shelving/entry/10/report
  • Here's a variation of my previous entries. Also see #68. Thanks...
  • About #42 Hi CH, I have just submitted a logotype proposal, based on the shelf shape and the "E", from estanteria. Inside of it, you can see several paper boxes, wich are a reference to se logotype signature/slogan "Todo en su sitio". This signature, take us to the need of having organization, so also the balance and stability of the shapes of the logo, are important in this matter. I used this colors, based on the paper boxes colors. I hope you like it.
  • hola hice una prueba con el diseño #41 el la pagina web y se ve espectacular. solo que hay que cambiar las letras de estan a blanco y .com a gris..no puedo enviar la prueba por que me penalizan..use los colores de españa y basados el el website...gracias Hi I did a test with design # 41 on the website and it looks spectacular. only needs to be changed are the letters and white. com to gray .. I can not submit proof that penalize me .. use the colors of Spain and based on the website ... thanks
  • can you make me the same logo but only with 3 shelves