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Winning design #36 by YPS, Logo Design for Logo for Ductcessories, a new company Contest
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designed by YPS

Project description

I am starting a new company called Ductcessories and need a logo design. The company will manufacture Accessories made from steel for the HVAC Duct manufacturing industry. These products will include angle rings, angle reinforcement, turning vanes, tie rods, etc. You can look at this website to get some ideas of what our website will look like http://robertbrumleu.wix.com/ductcessories - I added photos of some of the products that we will be supplying. See the ar, c, hc and tv photos that I uploaded. I would like to see what it would look like to have some of the shapes incorporated into the logo mark.

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  • hi CH, the website that you sent but isn't working
    • You should be able to highlight the entire link and paste it into your browser.

  • I like the font but I do not like the graphic
  • I like the concept but it looks to flat. Can you add some depth to it please.
  • This is kind of cool. I just uploaded a new photo titled Assembly. Take a look at it and see if this give you an idea about what I was saying regarding going from Square Duct to Round Duct. Maybe put the Square Duct where the word "Duct" is and the Round Duct where the word "Cessories" is.
  • I like the three dimensional feel of the logo but the mark reads as GD to me and that really does not fit with the name.
  • We make round and square duct. This design might lend itself to a graphic representation of both products. Usually the Square duct is larger and then transitions down to Round duct. See the 4th and the 6th image that I uploaded. if possible to add something on the Square duct to simulate the bead around the duct and then also add something to simulate the spiral bead around the Round duct.
  • I like the 3 dimensional look of the logo Mark. Can you please try adding some depth/dimension to the logo text.
  • I do not like the way you stepped down the orange portion of the graphic over cessories in this image. Stepping down might work in other layouts, but not this one. You might try the duct font from this on onto #18.
  • I like your color choices on #18 better
  • I like the colors and texture on the logo mark. Not thrilled with the design of the mark though. I do not really see the meaning behind the mark or how it applys to the product. Please loo at the last photos uploaded for visuals of the items we will be supplying.
  • I like the fill on the font on this one better than on #13
  • I like the image of a joint used to seperate duct and cessories.
  • I like the colors and the different fonts to seperate duct from cessories. Not thrilled with the graphic.
  • I like the seperation between duct and cessories. It kind of looks like one of the angle rings we would sell that would join to joints of duct together. In real life, if would be at 90 degrees to the duct. Please give me a sample with it being verticle instead of on an angle.
  • I like the 2 different colors to seperate duct from cessories
  • I like the angle in the upper left of the graphic and the 2 different fonts to seperate duct from cessories.
  • YPS
    dear ch 30 points I can not upload because it has not been enough to upload thx
  • YPS
    I will send you the file via e mail Can I have an your e mail thx
    • yps no outside contact is allowed, only contact through the contest. If the contestholder wants to see more work from you all they need to do is rate your entry 30 points or more, please check now and see if you have an upload

  • YPS
    dear ch I have to improve my design but can not upload
  • Can you please add the tag line "Building Faster" to the logo under the "Ductcessories" This will be our winning choice, we just want a few modifications. Great Job.