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Winning design #4 by Pflummingo, Logo Design for Logo for e-learning marketplace Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Pflummingo

Project description

Sumato Campus needs an elegant, hip and fun logo based on the social learning theme. The logo does not need to contain the text 'Sumato Campus'.

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  • Please let me know if you would like to see any variations on the logo I submitted. Thank you
  • ABOUT # 4, #5 Submitted both to show different type treatment, colors, etc. Thanks!
  • Any specific colors?
  • New look.
  • Its against the rules to use colored background unless its a part of the logo ot a CH request.
  • ok Sumato, thank you for your answer.
  • I have added 'preview' of rating - on hover of Logo Design preview. It is calculated as follow: rating = (( votes on design * 100 ) / number of votes for currently 'most voted') :) Just to give some overview Once again thank you for all your great designs.
  • Przemek => Tixinha, Lowrida2344, All : Being completly frank with you. I cannot gaurantee that 'most voted' will win. Voting is my idea and I do belive that most voded should win as in my opinion taste and preferences of our users or public are the most important gauge of best design for logo. Nevertheless decisive is choice of Head Director of company, whom I am going to try to convince to accept choice of public, however at the end it will be his choice. I do understand that late uploads has less chnces to get votes, but taking in account above - are not loosing their chance to win. This is our first contest (I think there will be more) - so procedures may not be perfect, but as you see I am trying to make it fair and clear to let the best win, and bring to all of us a bit of fun. It is amazing how voting is increasing and changing, and how every new design is changing situation. Fingers crossed for all your designs, and let me say it once again: May the best man win.
  • Hi Sumato. I need ask you something. The logo most votes is that you are going to choose to win this contest? Or are you going to choose the most you like it?
  • Please disregard submission #29
  • I'm not suggesting that presenting the logo designs to an outside audience is a bad idea by any means, but don't you think that time would become an largely important factor in which designs get the most votes? Are you basing your decision on the logo that gets the most votes? Or is it just way of getting an opinion from another perspective to help make your ultimate decision?
  • Przemek: Dear All Designers. I need to clarify one thing. At the end of contest - all votes from our voting page WILL BE recalculated to percents and WILL BE entered here as our rating of your works. That is why we ask widest audience to choose the best work. As we said: Vox populi, vox Dei :) Thank you once again for your efforts and great works!
  • its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. only 1 is allowed
  • its against the rules to use colored background unless CH asks.
  • its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. only 1
  • its against the rules to use colored background unless CH asks or its a part of the logo
  • Przemek: Dear Designers. Thank you for all your great work. I would like to just explain one thing: I am not rating your works here because I let people to do it on our page: http://www.sumatocampus.com/contests.php There you can see your works being rated. Obviously you can vote too ;)
  • Przemek: Dear All. I would like to anounce that to help us choose we let people (and you - if you wish) to vote on favourite design. It is open to all. Please feel free to check, or if you wish to vote: http://www.sumatocampus.com/contests.php
  • Przemek: I want to say that all of you are doing great stuff. I just thought it is important to tell you that
  • I hope you like the proposal, you can change the colors to your preference, I'm waiting for the review. Thank you very much