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It was more than I expected! I ended up with a design I never ever thought of :) Thanks!


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Winning design #38 by operhal, Logo Design for Logo for early education center Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

need high rez image for outdoor signage, stationary, etc.

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  • Hello CH, My entry is #5. I hope it's close to what you are looking for. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks
    • cj1


      ArtNik {*wrote*}:
      Hello CH, My entry is #5. I hope it's close to what you are looking for. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks
      |--| I actually really like your entry, the color looks to be a shade of green is that correct?

    • Thanks for your feedback. The colors are 2 shades of blue and yellow and green in the middle. Would you like to change them?

    • cj1

      No, I just wanted to make sure the color on my screen is what I will see in print and whatnot. Thanks for your entry.

  • CH what is the name for the logo then? Is it Early Education Center or the fusion thing in the sample pic?
    • cj1

      It is Fusion per the sample pic

  • cj1
    I REALLY like this! I don't understand what is above the letter n though?
    • It's just an additional design for the font CH, thanks by the way :) would you prefer to delete it CH?

    • Thanks CH for the comment, I hope it meets what you're looking for. :)

    • cj1

      Yes please delete those marks above the n

    • I already exceeded my limits CH, but if you choose the design, I will clean the marks.

  • #23 on the list. please provide suggestion for your direction. thanks!
    • cj1

      It's unique I like it

    • anything changes you love to suggest on it? so i can work on it. thanks for the like.

    • cj1

      not that i can think of

    • sorry ch, but i don't get what you mean to say....!

  • cj1
    I like the other one better
  • cj1
    thank you but I really don't like the flying squirrel people
  • cj1
    looking for something a bit more developed
  • cj1
    I'm sorry but this isn't what we are looking for
  • cj1
    as original as this is marketing isn't convinced this will translate to all the mediums we'll be using
  • cj1
    This just isn't what we are looking for thank you for your submission
  • cj1
    we definitely want the line under fusion
  • Dear CH, My new version is #24. I would like to know your opinion about the changes I've made. Thank you
    • cj1

      I like it but is there any way to make the kids smaller and the pencil with the words bigger?

    • Hello again CH, Thank you for your feedback. I submitted a new design with the changes, #26. If you want something more please sent me again.

  • cj1
    The colors are not appealing to me at all.
  • cj1
    Not sure the effect came out quite right? Looks like the pencil smeared the n
  • cj1
    I'm sorry but this just isn't what we're looking for.
  • cj1
    I like the originality but it took me a minute to figure out what the i was. Please take off the eyes they seem very out of place.
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my logo design #6 and #7 best regards
    • cj1

      The only thing I don't like is the eyes.

    • Dear CH, I will make correction on eyes and post it soon as possible. Thank you!

    • Hi, please check this correction #15 for eyes. I hope you will like it. Best regards

    • cj1

      I do like that much better!

  • Hi CH, Please check my entry, #14 Hope you like it. Thanks & Godbless......
  • cj1
    The only thing I really don't like are the kids. I like the words just not the choice of people
  • cj1
    I'm getting a lot of feedback on this design with the stars. Is there any way you can make the pencil look like its just finished writing the word fusion and make the pencil slimmer? I don't like the font used for the second line and I'd really rather not have black as a major component of the design.