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Winning design #32 by dzinekreative, Logo Design for Logo for Funky Baby clothing business Contest
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designed by dzinekreative

Project description

We need the company Logo something that when you see it you get the feel that you will be buying something different that will give your baby the look of trendsetter. The logo will be used in our printed advertisemens but also needs to be something that can easily be printed on the back of the clothes along with the size of the romper, shirt or dress. Simplicity and uniqueness would be words that would gave to describe the logo as well.

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  • Much thanks for the feedback. This is the revised version of #33. The characters are personified as a cannibal, a victim, and a terrified witness.
  • A modification from #28: I hope you like it ...
  • I'm honestly unaware of any restrictions on the Hannibal mask, however, I shall do my research and get back to you. In the meantime, I have made a revision to the design, as can be seen in #40. I have given an alternate font, as well as made the baby more... well... baby. If you have an issue with the mask, the icon can always be altered.
  • Like the letter type and colors, however it doesnt tell me much about what it is or what is being sold or at least for whom.
  • I like the hannibal lecter concept however, can we use the mask for a logo? the other point would be I am not sure if the face is an egg or a duck or what, maybe we can work a little bit more on this one
  • Thank you everybody nice concepts are being shown. Thanks for your designs
  • The pacifier look more like a KFC piece, the concept is nice but I think we can work a better design to make it look nicier.
  • I think the baby looks a little bit like in the 60's it gives me the sense of being a baby that would wear any of the clothing we are planning to sell.
  • I saw you submitted with the right wording already thanks!
  • The college font is not very cannibalesque I think.
  • I like the font, do you have any other monster eye to try?
  • I like the concept itself of actually having someone eating the word is nice but dont like the font nor the skull. I do like the idea.
  • I like that LIL is part of the face, however the face itself looks a little violent if I might say, maybe the same concept with other face would work.
  • The Bear Looks very sad and depressed
  • I very much like the Cannibal and Funly Baby Clothing part however the Doll and the LIL not that much, maybe a differnet style for LIL and some other monster.
  • Like the Letter type however the baby is a little old fashion I think. Maybe a more modern baby would work.
  • I like the concept very much actually however I am not sure if it is clear that one N ate the other one. I dont know if we can change something to make it easier to understand.
  • about #35 for kids who dont wanta play nice. lol I welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvement
  • I couldn't stop giggling when I thought of this concept. It simply states that one "N" ate the other "N". The double "N" in the word itself relays the ideal of sameness as in same species so the cannibalism is strongly re-inforced. As you can see the cannibalistic "N" is stuffed and is in dire need of a nap hehe. Inspired by the old joke: "Why is 6 afraid of 7?" ..."Because 7.. 8 ..9"
  • Expanded version of my previous design.. Hope you like it