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This was our third contest and again we have received a great design. We actually received many nice designs and it was not easy to decide which one to pick.


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Winning design #86 by vfdez, Logo Design for Logo for Geology.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vfdez

Project description

We want a logo to display at the top of the Geology.com website. ** It must fit within a 450 pixel wide x 90 pixel tall space ** The domain name should be clearly recognizable. Every visitor should immediately know that he/she is on geology.com. Without one instant of study. ** The domain name should be in simple text. Fancy fonts and artistic text will be eliminated. ** Do not use a graphic in the domain name. We want every letter to be in text. Designs that substitute a graphic for a letter will be eliminated. ** A color graphic can be included beside the domain name - on the left. ** White background ** Clean, simple, clear =================================== =================================== ADDED ON SECOND DAY OF CONTEST Many contestants have submitted very nice designs that include the name of our domain accompanied by a small colorful image. We have enjoyed these entries. There are many subjects that might work well for small colorful images... the Earth, geological tools (rock hammer - hand lens - GPS), a volcano, an oil well above strata, a small map, a mineral specimen, topographic map symbols, there are many others. Keep in mind that we are looking for a design that fits within 450 pixels wide x 90 pixels high. Clarity, easy-to-read domain name, a touch of color, simplicity and a geologically relevant image are essential. ========================== ==========================

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