LOGO for 'Greenback City'- Cool one stop shop for getting discounts and coupons for anything in your city!

krsbelle came up with a new unique design and made changes as we needed! What we like about Designcontest.com is all the great talent they have here, as a contest holder we get so much value from using them and it gives designers the oportunity for extra work and to get their name out there. I have also hired one-on-one because of the great work and will continue to do so in the future if we need it.

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Winning design #137 by kwik, Logo Design for LOGO for 'Greenback City'- Cool one stop shop for getting discounts and coupons for anything in your city! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

-We are looking for a creative, fun, and colorful logo that we can use on anything website header, t-shirts. etc.
-Needs to have our name "Greenback City" in it.

-We would probably like cityscapes to be part of the design.
-Looking for something FUN!
-NO clipart type logos please.
-General rule is if it is too simple it is not what we are looking for.
-Bolder colors.
-Shaded colors, or shadowing?

-Need it in vector.

-Got a cool way to add dollar bills into it, without them being the main scope?
-Not sure if a coupon would work in any way or not. Guess that is up to you guys.

-Let your creative juices flow!

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  • Is there something else you can do with the shield? We like the text a lot, the city is nice, but just something about the shield and $ sign. I think without the $ but not sure what to do with it...any ideas?
  • Added some more feedback to the brief now that we have seen some ideas. Please check it out...ANY questions let me know.
  • Thanks for posting 4 but the concept is off. Greenback meaning dollar bill. SInce out website saves people greenbacks and brings people to shop owners making them greenbacks is what gave us the name. I think you were going for a "green" concept of good for the earth or plants. Can't wait to see something with the "greenback" concept. We like cityscapes and fun bold colors. Same with #17, #18, & #19
  • The logo is mainly just too simple. Any other ideas?
  • It's another great corperate logo! We like this but flashy colors and more fun is what I would say. We like this over the #13 & #15 you did. Thanks for doing 3 right off!
  • Looking for something more fun. Any other ideas?
  • Unique idea which is great but the wrong direction. Need less focus on $ and more on cityscape I would say. Probably more colors than just green.
  • This is a great corperate logo and might win normally, but we are looing for something more fun.
  • Like the font, I see why you added the clover, the color and what else to put there, but the clover doesn't go with our website. The same goes for #9. We like the colors and the cityscape so far.
  • Dear Ch please check my entry #11 and your feedback will help to improve my mental and creativity thanks.
  • So far I like the colors and unique qualites of #5 and #6. We like for sure how 5 & 6 can both be used, one as header (wider) and one (taller) for hats or other items. I will give more feedback as more entries come in. We diffently like unique, colorful etc. Open to cityscapes and maybe even coupon theme ideas, if we like it we will roll with it. What can you all come up with? Thank you all so far for some quick entries!
  • Thanks but too much like clipart dollars. Maybe more about city and less about dollars.
  • Like your #1 design better. The dollar signs were good thinking outside the box but not sure we are into them. We had thought of the cityscape and our name below like that but to easy to make. So what else can you come up with? Not a bad start on #1.
  • Thank you, but too simple. I see the color of money there but would like normal greens better to make it brighter. Not into the backwards "k". Mainly looking for something fancier. Really pretty much the same for #4 as well.
  • Here is another revision spot if you need another. thanks
  • Great, we would love to see it, and thank you for working so hard on this for us!
  • Not sure how you would do it, but what we are thinking for this one and are asking for revision is. We like #22, but if we need a narrower one for different items this would be cool...down side is how to add in maybe a few buildings to make this something like #22 but narrow? thanks again
  • Can you try the city staying white and just little black squares in a few places? Meaning less windows and no background? Thanks! We like this concept. EDIT: I was thing some more...I would if it is the grey that is throwing it off for us? We were thinking originally just very simple like you had it, but if another color works we might be open to it, the number of windows are still too busy I think though. Thanks
  • Ch, i have made some improvements for #34. I can upload it if you would like to see it. I have used elements in both #44 and #34.
  • Ch, perhaps i can add some building in the background of this one? If you would like to see that let me know and i will work on something.