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Winning design #116 by xitm4n, Logo Design for Logo for ground transportation service Contest
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designed by xitm4n

Project description

We need a logo for our ground transpotation service which is called CitiShuttle. The service is a hybrid between an airport shuttle (like supershuttle or goshuttle) and a private hire car service (like addisonlee).

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  • Thanks for the entries so far. Please note that the logo should be text only - no icons or other artwork. Please feel free to shape the text any way you wish or to use any combination of capitalisation or fonts.
  • CH, rate my design or suggest some possible revision for my entry @#6 thanks
  • To quote the guidelines themselves, "A certain amount of similarity is expected, especially between designers competing in the same contest ... Elements such as arrows, or circles for example, are not owned by you. What you do own is how you implement the elements in your concept." The chevron was implemented differently.
  • I'm sorry, I was not aware that using a chevron-type symbol to indicate motion would be an infringement on another's design. It's a common design element. It was not my intent to copy another's design, I figured it was a universal symbol for motion and not an "original idea." I would have originally incorporated the chevron, however, after my first submission, the CH commented he wanted text only. When I saw that the CH was not truly interested in text-only, I revised my design to incorporate the chevron I originally wanted to include. Again, it was not my intent to copy, but past using italicized font, there are only so many ways to simply and elegantly convey motion -- and a chevron is one of them. I could have done an arrow or something else, but nothing worked as well as the chevron. There are so many more blatant examples of copying designs on this site (not in this particular contest, per se) -- where are we to draw the line? Am I to report those who decided to use italicized font and in the same color combination that I originally submitted? If so, look at all the entries which would be disqualified. However, there are only so many ways to do a design when the CH wants simplicity. If I add a third or fourth mark to the chevron, would that be distinct enough that a revised design would not be disqualified? Or does the first person who added a chevron-like symbol then retain all rights to anything remotely chevron-like from here on out? Again, where do we draw the line?
  • your entry has elements that is too close to another designers idea/concept http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-ground-transportation-service/entry/48/report/
  • dear CH, since i look you rate my design #17 higher than other, i would like to know what are your comments and feedback to make it perfect. thankyou.
  • Hi CH, made a logo for you #108 with clear bold fonts ideal for moving vehicles.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Could you review #87 please? Thankyou
  • Dear CH, here is my design Entry: #114. I hope you like it. Regards. Reni
  • Third party images not allowed. http://www.automotivemore.com/_/rsrc/1316490619002/config/customLogo.gif?revision=2